1. Explore new ways to produce, write and perform music with the Akai sequencer!

    Gearooz are excited to present Akai’s new addition the MPC Touch. Created for Dj’s, musicians and artists alike Akai’s sequencer puts the power of creativity in your hands. With a range of uses for its touch screen this product is made to help you explore new ways to produce, write and perform music.

     Akai Professional, known for its high quality products such as keyboards, mixers and production equipment has manufactured this innovative new piece of hardware which allows you to create professional and detailed tracks at your fingertips, giving you everything you need to produce your best work.

     With 7 inch multi touch screen display you can pinch waveforms, draw midi events, adjust envelops, chop samples and even add effects, the sequence offers amazing creative potential all within a compact and portable unit. Ideal for anyone on the road or those worrying about transporting this unit from one gig to another, its small size and light wei

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  2. Doritos Launch Bag With Headphone Jack

    Doritos have launched a limited edition bag to promote the upcoming Marvel film Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

    This new limited edition Doritos bag features a cassette deck design and a fully operational headphone jack which can play the film’s soundtrack in full.

    Alongside this the bags are also rechargeable so users can listen enjoy the soundtrack multiple times.

    The soundtrack from the first film reached no.1 and also became one of the best-selling vinyl records of recent years thanks to its range of 70s and 80s radio hits.  However the second film includes tracks featuring Parliament, Fleetwood Ma, ELO and David Hasselhoff.

    The bags are limited edition and will only be available through Amazon from the end of April. 

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