1. Don't Miss our DAS Audio Event! Register Now for Free Entry

    We are excited to offer you free entry to our DAS Audio Event hosted by our team next month! Join us on Wednesday the 5th of December from 6pm where you can come along for a hands on demonstration with a range of fantastic DAS Audio products.

    Register through our website to ensure your place at the event; don’t miss out on a free interactive seminar “How to Get The Most out of Your Speakers” as well as a look into some of the best systems DAS Audio has to offer. You’ll be able to listen to a variety of different speakers, from PA to Line Array all of which will be available for you to purchase as well as a whole host of other amazing deals and discounts. 

    If you’re interested in attending our DAS Audio event please head over to Gearooz.com for the registration form as well as a full list of perks and exclusive deals. You can also take a look at our

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  2. What Makes DAS Audio a Worthy Competitor? - DAS Audio Event!

    DAS Audio has been committed to the development of professional sound products for the last 40 years, acquiring valuable knowledge of the development and manufacture of sound reinforcement systems, DAS has been recognized for their incredibly high quality products all over the world. DAS Audio has continued to work hard to provide their customers with innovation and the production of some of the best sound systems on the market.

    With a huge team of highly qualified professionals and state of the art technology the company is able to complete extremely ambitious projects to ensure customers are delivered the best sound reinforcement. We are lucky enough to be able to offer our own customers the chance to get a hands on experience with their products at our DAS Audio event in December.

    Register now to be a part of the event and receive exclusive deals and discounts on hundreds of products, complimentary drinks, free entry and parking as well as an interactive seminar a

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  3. HH Electronics Speakers - Review

    HH Electronics is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of power amplifiers and sound equipment. Designed for musicians by their own team of experts using their own research, HH electronics make some of the highest quality speakers on the market amongst other technically advanced products.

    HH electronics are renowned for their innovative design and production; they continue to focus on future of technology whilst keeping with their roots by continuing to engineer their products in the UK. Their newest range offers amazing performance and the highest quality at the best prices.

    The Tessen-X series delivers high power in a compact, professional system. Whether you’re a mobile DJ or you perform from home this series allows for complete flexibility and high quality sound.

    The Tessen-X 1501 has the same extensive features as the rest of the rang

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  4. The DAS Audio Altea Series, Available Now!

    We are excited to offer a new range of speakers to our customers, new to Gearooz the DAS Audio Altea speakers are a range of active PA speakers designed to deliver an exceptional performance. We have a few different models in stock one begin the Altea 715A, a high powered model from DAS Audio. The 715A is equipped with a 1500 Wpeak Class D two channel amplifier that provided extended bandwidth, wide dynamic range and exceptionally low distortion.

    The DAScontrol interface allows users to configure voicing presets, input/output levels, EQ models, delay and source mixing by way of a high end 24 bit quality DSP and LCD screen on the rear of the cabinet. Another great feature includes a monitoring APP DASlink of the Altea 700 series powered systems allows users to wirelessly stream music from mobile devices in high definition stereo. The system also provides accurate low frequency reproduction with a deep powerful bass.  

    Some over models we offer are the 415A and the 412

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  5. How to be a Sound Engineer

    Joining our other posts in our career series, today we will be going over the role of a Sound Engineer, what the role entails and how to get started. Although an important role within the industry it’s very much understated and not everyone understands their role. Chances are if you attend concerts and festivals regularly then you’ve already see the amazing work of some extremely talented engineers.

    In a nutshell sound engineers work on every technical aspect of sound and music production. Not limited to the music industry sound or audio engineers also work on sound within many different venues that project sound to an audience. Some typical areas that a sound engineer would be required include film, radio, theatres, sports, events and gaming amongst a variety of other areas.

    This is a great role for someone who loves controlling music but not necessarily wants to be an artist. Engineers combine their understanding of sound and acoustics to create quality sound for v

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  6. HK Audio World Cup 2018 Cashback Promotion!

    To celebrate the Russia World Cup 2018 we are launching the HK Audio Cashback offer. The HK Audio Lucas Nano range is the only professional grade stereo PA that you can carry in one hand. You can take it wherever you go whether to a party, festival or sport event; wherever you go it goes with you. Providing the perfect sound indoors and out, perfect for events like the 2018 World Cup!

    With an easy set up you can simply plug it into your TV or monitor and experience the game like never before with incredible audio. The Lucas Nano delivers excellent sound for and excellent event. To take full advantage of the offer, complete these few simple steps listed below.

    -          Buy one of the systems listed below from Gearooz between May 24th 2018 and July 31st 2018.

    -          Take a picture of your receipt for proof of purchase.

    -          Register your system here by Tuesday 31st July

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  7. The RCF EVOX8 Speaker System.

    A great new addition to our product range is the Evox 8, a compact sound reinforcement system which is ideal for mobile DJs. This portable system combines the quality and reliability of RCF transducers with a very high amplification power. The system also features eight 2.0” full range transducers in the line source satellite and a deep 12” woofer in a bass reflex enclosure.

    Designed to fit perfectly into setups for live music and DJs, the unique vocal attitude and SPL make this system great for larger presentations and corporate events. The Evox 8 is also available in white, which would be excellent for weddings.

    If you’re interested in purchasing either of these systems, please head over to Gearooz.com where you will also find a full list of features and product specifications.

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  8. Take a look at our new Gemini WRX-843 Speaker Package!

    The Gemini WRX-843 Powered Column Array PA Speaker System Stands are and impressive piece of equipment featuring a multi voltage compatibly, its surprisingly lightweight build means its great for touring and mobile DJs will find it easy to transport from gig to gig. The unit can be added to professional kits all over the world making it a versatile product all round.

     Its durable design means you won’t have to worry about wear and tear or damage during heavy use or travel. Whether you’re in need of a system for indoor or outdoor use the WRX-843 will provide power and high quality performance anywhere. If your set up is slightly smaller and you’re looking for a single speaker, then we offer this system on its own as well as in a set.

     If your interested in the new Gemini WRX-843 is a package or individually then head over to Gearooz.com, where yo

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  9. Introducing the Behringer Eurolive Series!

    Introducing the Behringer Eurolive, a 3000-Watt active subwoofer provides the ultimate in low frequency reproduction. The Built in stereo crossover is ideally suited for use with any of the active 2 way speakers. In a completely redesigned and lightweight enclosure the subwoofer is the most durable and robust subwoofer ever.

     The Eurolive produces extreme levels of low-end punch with the definition and clarity typically reserved for much larger systems, you definitely get a lot more from this system than expected. The compact size of the speaker does not compromise its power in any way, making for a subwoofer which is perfect for mobile djs.

     Class D amplification offers the ultimate in energy efficiency and eliminating the need for heavy power supplies and massive heat sinks, all in an easy to use, portable package.

    Overall these systems provide deep, chest pounding bass that will capture a crowd all whilst being much lighter than their predecessor

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  10. New to the ES Series, The ES1002 from dBTechnologies!

    We will be talking about the latest addition to the ES series from dBTechnologies. The ES1002 is one of the new product launches, with more power, precise coverage and advanced usability in the column system family. ES is a complete plug and play column system series which is designed to be portable, space saving and user friendly.

     Presented at the NAMM Show 2018, the ES1002 is the new member of the ES family. With its impressive power at 1800 W peak, for its compact size this system really packs a punch. Made for a quick and smooth set up, the ES1002 provides everything musicians and DJs need.

     This system comes with a subwoofer and 1 column top, both powered by a class D DIGIPRO G3 amp delivering 1800 W peak. The top satellite is equipped with 8x4” mid-woofers, its positioning allows for asymmetrical vertical coverage, avoiding any useless dispersion of the sound above the audience. Another notable feature is that each mid-range woofer has a newly

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