1. Social Media Tips: Spotify (How to get more streams)

    We all know how important marketing is for the growth of sales, marketing attracts potential customers and in order to get them to buy your music you need all of your platforms to be fresh and relevant. Spotify is a great platform for musicians but not everyone uses it to its full extend, here are a few things you can do to update your profile and marketing strategy in order to gain for streams and customers.

    Firstly go over your profile and all your detail, check if they’re up to date and that you’re filling out every section. Your bio is so important yet it’s something we all tend to skip over, you want your audience to know who you are and what you’re about as soon as they click on your profile. Write a short paragraph about your music, what you’ve achieved so far and what you hope to achieve with future content. Don’t forget to let them know that you appreciate their support and thank them for taking the time to listen to your music, be humble.

    Along with your de

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  2. How To Get Your Music On Spotify

    Once you’ve got a good collection of songs ready to be heard its time to start getting them online and hopefully earning you some money, with so many platforms including Soundcloud, YouTube music and Spotify it’s difficult to know where to start and to know exactly what you have to do. Let’s start with Spotify, it’s easy enough to get your music on Spotify but a lot of people don’t actually know how to do it, we wanted to give a step by step guide to help you out.

    Firstly if you doing have a label to get your music on Spotify for you then you will want to look at using a company to help you out. These companies include CD Baby, Record Union, Tunecore, Distrokid and more. These services will take care of the licensing and distribution of your music and also pay you your royalties whenever your music is streamed on Spotify. Of course with using one of these services to help you as you are not signed to a label means they will get a small cut or you will have to pay a small fee

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  3. YouTube Music is now available in the UK!

    YouTube Premium and YouTube Music is now officially available in the UK, after announcing that they were expanding their music services we were very curious how it would be received. YouTube offered music via videos previous but users now have the option to pay a fee per month which gives access to official albums, singles, live performance, remixes and other YouTube exclusives.

    You will also get personalized recommendations and thousands of playlists for different activities, genres and moods much like Spotify. If users would prefer not to pay then they can access an ad-supported version of YouTube music which is free to use.

    If you’re interested in having ad free content and download then you can pay £9.99 a month for YouTube Music Premium. You can get more info about the new launch here.

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  4. Best DJ Apps (iOS & Android)

    With digital djing becoming more popular it’s only right we give you the top DJing apps available to you on IOS and Android. Many still prefer to stick with physical copies of their music and equipment but with everything quickly becoming digital having apps so readily available means you can work on the go, anytime, anywhere.

    We’ve gathered a list of the best, must have DJ apps. Whether you’re an iOS user or Android there’s something on this list for you.

    Traktor DJ (iOS) - £9.99

    One for the more experienced DJ’s, Traktor is a very well known brand which offers high quality DJ products. Traktor have taken it digital with their Djing app, available on iPhone and iPad. This one allows you to mix tracks at a more advanced level.

    Serato Pyro (iOS) – Free

    Another popular brand, known for their pro software Serato have also created an app. Aimed at music fans Serato Pyro can take music from itunes and Spotify, making mixing easier for you it also o

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  5. Streaming Set To Overtake Physical Music Sales In The UK

    Music streaming is to overtake physical sales as the biggest generator of income for UK according to figures released by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

    Streaming accounted for 30% of overall label revenues in 2016, compared to 32% for physical sales. According to the BPI, the rate of growth means that streaming is expected to overtake physical Cd and Vinyl sales in 2017.

    According to the BPI’s report, 11% of the UK’s adult population were subscribed to a service such as Apple Music or Spotify at the end of 2016. This means that customers are continuing to opt for subscriptions to streaming services rather than popping into their local music store. 

    The figures also revealed that overall revenue (streaming, physical and download sales, performance rights and licensed music) rose by 5.1%. The £926 million total is the largest in five years.

    The boom in streaming and rise in overall reve

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