1. Why you Should Find a Music Mentor

    If you’re new to the industry and looking to pursue a career in music then you might want to consider a mentor. This isn’t the same as a manager, for more information on a manager’s role head over to our blog. A mentor is someone you can either hire or if you have a relationship with someone within the industry you may be able to ask them for some help. They will essentially give you advice and will past their knowledge and experience onto you in order to give you a head start.

    If you are willing to spend the money to hire a mentor then it’s important you choose someone who can genuinely help you advance in your career. This means you will need to hire a mentor who has experience working within your chosen genre and for your age range. To be able to get to where you want to be a mentor will need to know the right people, places and techniques, there’s no use hiring a mentor who specialises in country music if you’re a pop artist as they will not have the right knowledge of y

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  2. Teaching Music Independently: Pros and Cons

    After going through the pros and cons of working for a studio we wanted discuss working independently and why it may or may not be the best option for you. To put it simply if you’re teaching independently you’re basically running your own business, every part of the job is your responsibility which can be both a pro and a con. This is one of many reasons why teaching independently may or may not be the right path but we will go over the rest in the hope it will help you with your decision.

    Starting with the slightly more negative aspects of the job, as everything is under your control you will have to handle it all from paperwork to acquiring students. When you are working as part of a studio they will take care of all documentation allowing you to focus on your students however being boss will mean you have to dedicate some of your time to bookkeeping, organising paperwork as well as handling all of your expenses.

    You will be in charge of creating schedules, classr

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  3. How to Maintain your Studies Whilst Pursing Music

    College or University is certainly no walk in the park, between classes, studying and exams there’s barely enough time to keep on top of the basics such as eating and sleeping regularly. So how do people balance all of this whilst pursing their side career or hobby, well it can be done but it takes a lot of preparation and dedication.

    If you’re struggling to handle being a model student whilst actively pursuing music then there are a few things you can implement into your routine to help balance the two.

    As tough as it may be you will have to decide which comes first, when it comes to making the difficult decisions between taking a gig and studying for an exam you will need to know which is your priority. This also goes for socialising, are you willing to give up certain aspects in order to both study and make music. It may mean giving up an occasional night out with friends or a class here and there, whatever it may be its important to distinguish what can be sacrif

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  4. Where to go to Find Potential Band Members

    We’ve discussed band mates on the blog a few times and what it means to be a part of a band but for those who are looking to create a new group it might not be immediately clear where you can find band members and how to find the right ones.

    It’s a tricky task, finding someone who will fit in with the group, someone who will get on with the rest of the members whilst be a valuable addition and working well as a team. It takes a lot of work and determination to find the right kind of person but hopefully we can help make the journey easier.

    First things first is figuring out want kind of addition you need to the group, either doing this by discussing with the other members or if you’re on your own you will need to set some guidelines and expectations from your first member. We won’t go over what makes a good band member as we’ve discussed this a few times but obviously having strict guidelines will make it harder to find someone so keep that in mind.

    The proce

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  5. 5 Music Roles that are Perfect for Uni Students

    A job whilst studying at university isn’t for everyone but if you’re aspiring to work within the music industry it is a huge part of your career. As a music student having that extra experience will give you the edge over other graduates when it comes to getting your foot in the door.

    It’s a lot of hard work balancing a degree and a job but it can have massive benefits for students including experience, making contacts and learning new skills that you may not have had the chance to learn in a classroom environment. If you’re wondering what kind of jobs you can get as a student then we have a few suggestions (some of which we mentioned briefly in our side job post).

    If would like to be working within the community then a job at a music/record shop would be a great one, not only does it allow you to meet others with a similar passion for music but it introduces you to new music and opens up some opportunities to perform if they host small events or lau

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