After the success of the SubPac S1 the brand has now released their latest addition to their line of revolutionary tactile audio systems. Building on an already popular product the team has taken a new approach in redesigning the S2, featuring all new ergonomic design with a flexible strapping solution for your chair, with updated materials throughout. With newly optimized tactile transducers, an improved battery life and the addition of Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP streaming.

 The SubPac series of tactile audio systems has quickly become an essential item for producers all round, with the SubPac being used in top studios in LA and London. The series does not just cater to producers, with its real depth and connection everyone can enjoy the SubPac whatever you play through it. The S2 is also extremely portable which is ideal for performers on the road.

 With the added effect of physical bass your music and media will come to life, delivering the very familiar experie

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