1. Introducing the Behringer Eurolive Series!

    Introducing the Behringer Eurolive, a 3000-Watt active subwoofer provides the ultimate in low frequency reproduction. The Built in stereo crossover is ideally suited for use with any of the active 2 way speakers. In a completely redesigned and lightweight enclosure the subwoofer is the most durable and robust subwoofer ever.

     The Eurolive produces extreme levels of low-end punch with the definition and clarity typically reserved for much larger systems, you definitely get a lot more from this system than expected. The compact size of the speaker does not compromise its power in any way, making for a subwoofer which is perfect for mobile djs.

     Class D amplification offers the ultimate in energy efficiency and eliminating the need for heavy power supplies and massive heat sinks, all in an easy to use, portable package.

    Overall these systems provide deep, chest pounding bass that will capture a crowd all whilst being much lighter than their predecessor

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  2. dBTechnologies Launch the OPERA UNICA!

    dBtechnologies is known for their active speakers, and with with the progression of the OPERA series comes the launch of the OPERA UNICA: 2 brand new models the 12” and 15” featuring CLASS D DIGIPRO G3 amp module delivering up to 1800 W peak and neodymium woofers. This series is unique to dBtechnologies, with its networkable capability via Aurora Net control software, using the integrates RDNet ports, allowing a complete EQ delay and processing customisation and real time monitoring of the PA system in use.

     The incredible asymmetrical acoustic design of the HF horn allows optimal coverage. Not only that but the sound processing features linear-phase FIR filter providing an amazing linear response. Which means this system produces a clear and intelligible audio performance. With the perfect mix of features the OPERA UNICA is ideal for the most demanding and professional artists.

     For a full list of features and specs for the OPERA UNICA along wi

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  3. The Latest from dBTechnologies SUB series, the SUB612!

    Gearooz are excited to present the SUB612 from dBtechnologies, to complete the SUB600 active subwoofer family. The SUB612 enhances low end precision, with the aim to deliver a complete PA system with this new launch and dBtechnologies smaller full-range systems such as OPERA 10 and B-H 8 and 10.

     Featuring a 600W RMS CLASS D power amp with SMPS, provides incredible sound pressure levels up to 129 dB, even with its very compact housing this system delivers outstanding power as well as precise low end reproduction. The SUB600 series impressive performance allows artists to build most of the PA systems with 1 single sub and 2 full range speakers, which means users can avoid external processing or crossover due to its separate balanced X-Over signal feeds to left and right speakers.

     With its compact and sturdy wood cabinet as well as its lightweight makes this perfect for transporting from gig to gig, ideal for mobile performers and setting up on stage. If you

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  4. Check out our range of Ibiza Sound products!

    We are excited to offer you a whole new range of Ibiza products, from LED stands to speakers Ibiza bring an exciting energy to DJ products which have proven to be very popular. Here at Gearooz we particularly enjoy the LED Changing Speaker Tripod Package, the 3 legs contain RGB LED lighting effects that will bring something different to your staging. These eye catching accessories switch things up from your typical black tripod stands, and they are definitely going to draw in a crowd.

     If your looking to draw attention to the stage the Ibiza Sound products are a perfect addition, our Active DJ Speaker Package will illuminate the stage. Connect your SD card or USB stick and let the audience listen to your music through these light up subwoofers. With two passive speakers, stands and a mic

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  5. HH Electronics Speaker Range!

    The TMP-108A is designed to perform in either a portable or a fixed application, floor standing or mounted on a tripod. These compact cabinets can be fixed vertically or horizontally, with rotatable horns to tailor dispersion to the application. Stacked on a subwoofer, mounted on a pole or at your feet as a high power monitor this range is the ideal compact and flexible sound reinforcement solution for your live or install needs.

     The HH Electronics TMP-108A is ideal for mobile dj’s and performers its compact size and flexible mounting options gives you great creativity on stage. We have a few different HH speakers available online, which vary in price. Depending on your budget and needs we can assist you in your choice.

     If you are interested in the HH Electronics collection head over to, you can always contact us through ou

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  6. Behringer Subwoofer Speaker

    Want more punch for your pound? The Behringer 500W Active DJ Bass Bin Subwoofer Speaker will add serious sound to your set up. Packed with an array of professional features, the quality of these powerhouses is undeniable. With the kind of definition and clarity found for much larger systems this piece of equipment is a must-have. With less heat generation the Behringer’s amps do not need oversized heat sinks making this speaker much lighter in weight, perfect for mobile entertainers.

    Behringer’s sleek design allows VQ series subwoofers to deliver incredible power with great longevity, resulting in a speaker ideal for those performing for hours and need a reliable system. The Behringer speaker is easy to transport and set up adding to the versatility of this product and making it perfect for all events. As previously mentioned this subwoofer includes many great features and you can find all the detailed information on these on 

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  7. Which Sub Is Right For Me?

    Choosing the right sub for you is important, especially when it comes to stereo applications. Typically subwoofers are large and usually floor-standing speakers, which are designed to handle very low frequencies.  

    Adding a subwoofer to your PA setup can assist your main speakers and relieve them from the duty of low-end sound reproduction.  If you play to more than 100 people then you should consider getting a subwoofer. This will overall help your PA system produce clear and crisp sound, and will result in no distortion. 

    Subwoofers reproduce low frequencies allowing users to play bassy tunes as the subwoofer usually doubles up to handle all the bass content of main channels. When used in large venues or at big events subwoofers can be very effective when the right one is paired to your existing system. 

    It is becoming increasingly common to have smaller left and right speakers, plus one or more subwoofers — a format ofte

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  8. Feel Your Music's Bass With The Watch Sized Subwoofer Basslet

     Berlin-based startup Lofelt has released a small watch-sized device that acts as a wearable subwoofer to transfer the bass tones of your music straight to your body.

    Using haptic- technology and Bluetooth, the Basslet is worn around the wrist and it has a similar designed to the iWatch being sleek, compact and lightweight.

    This portable Basslet unit can transfer bass frequencies that allow users to feel kick drums and every groove of the bass line without making noise to the outside world.

    It listens to whatever you've got going on in your headphones, and using a small vibrating unit built into its black plastic body, it taps that bass frequency out physically on your wrist, similar to the haptic feedback on an Apple watch, or the vibrate in a phone.

    It's an experience completely different than listening to music with headphones or through regular speakers and it works seamlessly with already existing apps like Spotify and Apple Music with no co

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