1. Classic Elegance - Supro Jamesport Guitars

    The Jamesport is an updated version of the Supro electric solid body guitar. The classic elegance of the 1960’s much loved Ozark body shape and the incredible sound of the original pick has been enhanced with and ultra fast neck, tune o matic bridge and updated wave tailpiece. Making this guitar the perfect mixture of modern and old school style, an updated look with an authentic sound.

     The Supro Jamesport features a Gold Foil pickup which is a faithful reproduction of the original magnetics developed for Valco Ralph Keller in the early 1950’s. These pickups produce a massive, broadband sound with remarkably low noise for a single-coil design.

     The Jamesport boasts many amazing features some new and improved yet still keeping some of the original features found in the classics. Intended for those who need a guitar capable of handling most genres, the Jamesport can cover a wide range of sounds from blues, funk, rock and jazz. Ideal for those who

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  2. The Supro Huntington Guitar

    The Supro is a newly designed, short-scale bass combining the classic body shape of the early ‘60’s Ozark model with vintage-correct passive electronics and sonic inspiration from the Supro Pocket Bass of the same era. The Supro Huntington bass is available in a single, double or triple pickup configuration with an optional piezo bridge and a variety of unique metallic and transparent colours over a choice of Mahogany, Swamp Ash or Alder tonewood for the body.

     Although its short scale the Huntington bass can produce astoundingly large sound, boasting a tight, confident, buttery low end, articulate midrange and crisp highs. The single pickup Huntington I model projects a warm, balanced sound with passive tone control that acts as an old school knob, taming the highs and drawing the bass deeper back into the mix.

     This incredible guitar is available to order online at

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  3. Just Added! The Tremo-Verb Amp.

    Just Added! The 1622RT Tremo-Verb, an update to the coveted late 60’s Supro combo platform. Full of amazing features, this compact amp pushes loud 25 watts through our custom made 10” speaker to capture the old school Supro in an amp. With its compact design it makes it easy to haul around to gigs.

     This is undoubtedly the most potent tube amp in the Supro line, the Tremo-Verb features blue rhino hide tolex and compact physical dimensions are drawn from the original combo of the mid 60’s. This modern reengineered product has been enhanced with enough Class A power to gig out alongside a pounding drummer and bassist.

     This is definitely an investment piece and and an item that will take your sound to the next level. We offer a finance scheme in which you can pay off your purchase over 6, 10, 12, 24 or 36 months.

     If you are interested in purchasing the Tremo-Verb for yourself head over to 

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  4. American Vintage, The Supro Westbury Guitar

    The Westbury is the latest update of the Supro electric solid body guitar. This beautifully elegant 1960’s style guitar has been enhanced to create the ultimate old school style instrument with a modern twist. The mighty sound of the original field coil pickups has been updated with an ultra fast satin neck, tune-o-matic bridge and wave tailpiece.

     This vintage style guitar produces an exceptionally dynamic playing experience like no other, this is truly a unique instrument and if you are looking for something that will stand out from the crowd and wow your audience the Westbury is the perfect choice.

     Blending vintage American tone with refined set neck design, the Supro Westbury is intended for the professional musician who needs and ergonomic and versatile guitar capable of handling most genres of music.

     If you are interested in all the incredible features the Westbury has to offer head over to 

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