TARM is an established brand that has been in the laser industry for more than 35 years. Since January 2016, Tarm technologies joined forces with Laserworld Group and together released the new three Tarm laser systems.

The Tarm Two, Tarm Four and Tarm Seven are red, green and blue laser systems with analogue modulation. All feature 45kpps scanning at 8 degrees, a scan angle of 60 degrees and ILDA, these laser systems are perfect for professional laser applications.

Among the features previously mentioned the Tarm Two has a wide scan angle of ca. 3.0mm and a low beam divergence of 0.8 mrad (full angle).  It has a total beam output of 2,500mW after optics and rugged housing that is dust proof and makes maintenance easy.

The Tarm Two show laser projectors are full colour white light RGB laser systems with full analogue colour modulation and diode-only equipment. I

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