Picture yourself headed to one of the most important shows of your life, when on site you suddenly run out of fluid and your venue is demanding smoke! First off, don't let this happen to you! All mobile DJs should bring spare odds and ends as a backup to their gigs.

This article is designed to give you advice you on why is it important to buy your own DJ Emergency Pack. Gearooz have put together a small kit with the components we believe you will need if you were to encounter any problems with your sound system. 

What's important to be carrying?

Gaffa tape -  Waterproof tape that can survive the outdoor elements, used for securing cables to the stage truss, floor or other surfaces .This durable and easy-to- tear tape will avoid those tripping hazards and stop your cables becoming tangled or damaged.

1L bottle of smoke fluid – This fluid is made to the highest quality allowing you to get the best out of

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