The world's largest nightclub, with a capacity to hold more than 15,000 people could be opening in Toronto.

Company Powerhouse Corp, which owns an existing club named REBEL has applied for a new operating licence that would allow the current venue to expand its capacity to 7,584 people inside and another 7,971 allowed on its outside patios. The company is also hoping to lift the strict regulations placed on its existing license, following excessive noise complaints from local residents in 2006.

Currently the club’s capacity is limited to 3,163 people indoors and 2,510 outside.

Recently Toronto councillor Paula Fletcher made the announcement that she'll be pushing to implement a campaign requiring electronic music festivals to have medics on-site, to be paid for by promoters.

Residents and other businesses in the area have voiced concerns regarding noise, parking and security if the new development is to go ahead. Locals are also pointing ou

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