1. How to Keep Spirits High on Tour (Handling Mental Health)

    We’ve discussed touring a lot on the blog, from booking your first tour to a full guide on touring. However something we are yet to discuss further is mental health and how touring can have a huge impact on you, not only physically but mentally. The opportunity to take your music on the road is one you’d be mad to pass up and many musicians excited about the prospect but it’s important to keep your well being in mind whilst you’re travelling and performing.

    These are a few things to consider implementing into your routine to help keep your mental health at its best.

    Do not let show turn out get you down. Putting too much pressure on yourself can have a negative effect on your mental health although whilst on tour one of your main priorities is to have successful shows it’s inevitable that some may not have the best turn out. To prevent yourself from getting stressed over this prepare yourself for a bit of disappointment, during the week your shows may not sell out no

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  2. How to Take your Music Global

    If you’re dedicated to your music then it’s pretty inevitable that it will begin to reach those further afield and you will start to land gigs outside of your home town. But what if you want to take things global; if you truly want to make music your main focus then you will want it to reach those across the pond. But how exactly can you make that happen, here are a few things to consider if you’re trying to establish yourself on a global scale.

    Now the first may not be achievable for everyone but it’s worth noting for those who are up for it. Touring is a great way to get your music out there; it’s not an easy task, going on the road in your own country is difficult, so it’s going to be a lot of hard work touring abroad but that’s not to say it’s impossible. You may not be able to book headlining gigs but if you’re able to land small performances then you’re on the right track.

    If you’re thinking of taking your music abroad then you probably already have a good team

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  3. A Guide to your First Tour Abroad Pt2

    Are you thinking about taking your career that one step further? Touring abroad can open up a huge range of new and exciting opportunities for you or your band. You’ve probably been focusing on gaining exposure and some sort of status within your local community or further afield in your country but taking your talent overseas is one of the best ways to introduce your music to a new audience.

    With that in mind it is a huge leap and many are understandably worried about the prospect of travelling abroad with their music. Here are a few tips that may help make your first tour a little less daunting.

    We’ve spoken a lot about preparing for gigs and touring, we have many different posts to help you plan your route. This is the most important part of your trip; if you’re not prepared your tour can come to a very abrupt end. Preparation includes accommodation, transport, gigs, passports, paperwork and so much more.  If you want a detailed guide to touring and organizing you

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  4. How to Book a Tour on your own

    If you’re preparing for a tour then you probably have some experience booking gigs already, if you’re doing it alone it can be pretty daunting. So here are some tips that will hopefully make the process go a lot smoother.

    There are so many benefits from going on tour but there are a lot of things to take into consideration and if you have to handle everything yourself it can quickly become overwhelming. Not having a professional to go over all the common touring mishaps means you will have to be prepared to take it on yourself.

    Some easy ways to avoid any disasters include setting a budget from the get go. Because you’re doing it on your own the costs will fall on you and will most likely come out of your pocket. Know exactly what you can spend and plan every possible purchase you will have to make, of course there will be some unpredicted purchases along the way but having a general idea will stop you running out of money on day one. This also goes for how much you

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  5. How To Survive Your First Tour

    Going on your first tour is exciting for everyone involved, you’re about to take your music on the road for hundreds and thousands of people to hear live. But if you’re familiar with the music industry touring is a seriously grueling experience and if it’s your first time it can be pretty intimidating. But there are many different ways to prepare for a tour to make the few weeks on the road much more pleasant.

    Book in advance! If you need to book travel then do so way before you plan to leave, you do not want to end up stranded in a city without any travel plans, and we have a wide range of touring vans available for hire. Make sure your accommodation is all planned for each city, the last thing you need is to be sleeping in your car/van. Just simply avoid last minute bookings it never ends well.

    Make a plan for everyday you’re on tour as well as a list of everyone’s numbers and emails. If you have any appearances prior to your shows

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  6. Tips for Starting Your Own Business Within The Music Industry

    We’ve spoken a lot about getting started in DJing or what it takes to be a music producer but we wanted to give you a few tips to starting a business within the music industry. Not everyone in the music industry wants to be the star of the show, an important part of it is behind the scenes. For those who are looking to start a business whether that’s your own record label or within music retail here’s a few tips to get you started.

    Chances are you probably already have a 9-5 job whilst trying to start up a business; we’ve got a guide on DJing with a day job on the blog which may be helpful to you. A general tip when it comes to pursuing a career alongside your day job is to organize your time, starting a business takes up a lot of time so make sure you give yourself a set amount of time out of your day to work on it, making sure you don’t overdo it nor are you slacking at work.

    Having a budget will make it easier to make a bu

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  7. How To: DIY Summer Touring!

    Be prepared for your summer tour!

    Don’t be tied down with the timing restrictions that come with coach trips, or the struggle of fitting your equipment and your band in a small car, hire from Gearooz Band Vans for the best ‘do it yourself’ tour. With our vans you have the option of self driving, you can take our vans on the road with just you and the band.

    This service is ideal for festival hoppers as well as DJ’s and performers. As an artist its important to be able to take your talent on the road, summer is a busy time and with our vans you can travel to each gig safely and efficiently. And as festival goers the ability to hop from one festival to another at your own leisure is vital.  

    All our vans offer a luxury touring experience however we recommend our Premium Tourer. With a chest sized fridge, 2 large TV’s and sound bar as well as an entertainment system, games console and electric leather seats with armrests yo

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  8. Festival Season is approaching, secure your van hire with Gearooz!

    With festival ticket sales in full swing and many already sold out we wanted to remind you of our exclusive Band Van Hire, perfect for getting yourself and your friends to the festival of your choice. Or perhaps you need to transport your band to perform this summer, we have a selection of vans available to hire.

     We have some quality vehicles available to hire such as our Tourer along with our Cruiser which both feature entertainment systems, luxury sitting and tinted windows as well as other great amenities. However, for the ultimate touring experience we recommend our premium vehicles. Our premium Tourer is of the highest quality boasting features such as electric reclining seats, two TV’s, 1 single sleeping bunk and a PS4.

     Our Premium vans are the best way to travel, if your driving long distances to festivals over the summer period this has everything you need for a safe, comfortable trip. You can hire one of our vans for a full weekend of music

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  9. Book Your Summer Tour Before March And Receive 20% Off!

    Looking forward to summer 2018? Receive 20% off your tour!

    Here at Gearooz we are preparing for the busy summer ahead for music and touring and we wanted to help you plan your summer. If you book with our Band Van Hire service before March for five days or more you will receive 20% off your tour.  With summer fast approaching we want to make sure you don’t miss out before we get fully booked up. With so many exciting festivals, shows and gigs coming up with have multiple touring vans available for you and your band at a variety of prices.

    Whether you are on a budget and need help getting from A to B or if you’re looking for something more luxury for your trip we provide it all. With our budget vans you still receive quality service which includes an onboard entertainment system, privacy windows, and air conditioning for the hot summer days as well as other great features. However for a small upgrade you can get one of our premium vehicles which inclu

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  10. A Year Of Touring - 2017 Feedback Form.

    With 2017 coming to an end we are looking back at a successful year of touring, artists and bands from all over have taken to the road to show audiences what they’ve got! It’s been a fantastic year for music and we’ve seen so many new artists gain the recognition they deserve. And we know that hiring a vehicle for a tour is an essential part of this and unfortunately we know that it isn’t always as easy as we hope, so we’d like you to have your say.

     We've created a feedback form that we would like you to complete. We would like to gather a summary of all the tours that have happened this year. As a provider of our own band vans this will help us improve our service in the future as well as hopefully improving the companies that did not give you the service you required.

     By simply taking part and completing the survey, we will credit you £100 into your account for your next van hire with us, more information on this will

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