As a performer you’re always looking for new ways to capture a crowd, not only with your sound but with your set up. If you want to upgrade your staging the Equinox Starcloth is a great way to do it. The LED cloth can be placed on your Truss booth to light up centre stage and draw in your audience.

 Its also great for anyone who does not have the space for extra lighting fixtures yet still want to incorporate lighting into their performance, if you already have a Truss booth the cloth simply fits onto it taking up no space at all.

 The Starcloth features 48 quad colour 5050 LEDs, and comes supplied with an advanced DMX controller. The controller features solid colour selection coupled with pattern and speed control, allowing you to match the Starcloth to other lighting you may have.

 It folds nicely into a heavy duty carry bag making transport easy and safe, Ideal for those traveling from gig to gig. You can Pre-order the Starcloth now at

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