1. Scratch and cut wherever you go with the Numark PT01!

    Numark has provided Djs with the ability to scratch and cut wherever you go, built with Numarks’s exclusive adjustable scratch switch you can now choose a record of your choice and perform and scratch routine, whether you’re performing an outdoor gig, at home or a club.

     The PT01 Scratch is designed for any type of DJ whether you’re a professional turntablist or have a passion for collection vinyl, you can transform, cut and scratch to your hearts content. With the adjustable scratch switch both left and right handers can perform easily and comfortably, simply unscrew the scratch switch and adjust to your needs.

     The scratch and slide switch from Numark provides a longer performance and its user replaceable for more action. Equipped with a red slip mat which performs light to heavy handed scratches with your records.

     You can also connect your phone to play background music through the stereo input to allow you to scratch alon

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  2. An Exclusive Look At The Mixars Range

    While the Gearooz team were at the Prolight + Sound event in Frankfurt last week, they got an exclusive look at the Mixars range that will soon be coming to Gearooz! 

    Mixars is a brand new product range; they have a selection of products including Serato mixers, standalone mixers and also MIDI controllers. 

    One key unit in the range is the Quattro, 4 channel Serato compatible controller and mixer. Featuring built in beat pads for controlling midi, 16 RGB pads with hot cue sampler control and dual USB audio connections, users can control of their mixers with this standalone controller. 

    The Quattro also has 2 microphone inputs, dedicated 4 high-quality effects for each controller with a single knob and it is completely MIDI mappable. 

    Auto loop encoder, a sampler switch and dedicated sampler volume control make this an effective

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  3. New Kickstarter Minimal Turntable Can Play Records Vertically

    A new Kickstarter-funded turntable using a unique minimal design is in the works.

    Created by Dutch developers Miniot, the Wheel record player is "just a wheel", utilising a stylus hidden within the base to play records without obstructing the view of the disc.

    The clever design also means the delicate needle is protected from damage or dust, and perhaps most interestingly, enables the record to be played horizontally or vertically. Playback is managed via the spindle and its polished word exterior is aesthetically pleasing.  

    The wheel only plays 12” vinyl running qt 33rpm so users won’t be able to play 45s on this turntable.

    The Wheel uses a custom AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge, which can't be changed by the user, along with replaceable styli which can be ordered as and when needed, and can use both wired and wireless connections to transmit audio.


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  4. Technics Reveal Black SL-1210GR Turntable

    Technics has revealed the new black Grand Class SL-1210GR turntable, which joins the SL-1200GR silver edition that was announced earlier this year.

    This latest turntable edition is Technics’ first 1210 model in almost fifteen years, long after the SL-1210M5G was launched back in 2002.

    The Technics’ SL-1200G is an iconic turntable favoured by vinyl enthusiasts and celebrated for its sound quality, flexibility and durability. Alongside the existing features the new models offer technical design, high sound quality and feature new materials including reliable direct drive and adjustable rotation speed.

    Technics revealed the new turntable to UK press at Abbey Road Studios and the turntables will then go on show at Bristol’s Sound & Vision convention later this month.

    Speaking about the new models, Michiko Ogawa, director Technics at Panasonic said, “The SL-1200GR and SL-1210GR combine the best of both worlds. We are sure both m

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  5. Aldi Rivals Lidl By Launching Even Cheaper Turntable

    Last week, UK supermarket Lidl revealed they are releasing a line of budget all-in-one ION record players with built in speakers and an amplifier for only £50. It seems this has inspired the competitor supermarket Aldi to follow suit.

    Aldi’s “retro limited edition suitcase turntable” is at an affordable price of only £30, and the supermarket is now taking pre-orders for the turntables which are available online from 17th November and will hit shops on the 24th.

    Similar to Lidl’s turntable, it has a standard RCA output and built-in stereo speakers so users can connect to a home stereo if they wish. Alongside this the table also has a USB connection for ripping vinyl to digital format.

    The increasing demand and popularity of turntables came shortly after supermarkets Tesco and Sainsbury’s confirmed they will be stocking vinyl albums nationwide. 

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  6. Supermarket Lidl releases £50 turntable

    German budget supermarket chain Lidl has started selling a turntable.

    Available for £49.99, the all-in-one ION record player comes with a USB connection for converting vinyl records to digital and it even has three years warranty.

    The all-in-one playback system features a built-in speaker and amplifier, so users don’t need to plug their deck into separate equipment. Alongside this is the unit includes a USB port so users can “rip” their own records into a digital format.

    The Ion turntable has integrated speakers, a USB connection for digitising your vinyl, and can play records at 33, 45 and 78rpm. And it's £50.

    In recent years the cost of turntables has increased and sales of vinyl have grown in the UK, leaving supermarkets to create their own brand table for vinyl lovers. Last year Tesco became the first UK supermarket chain to reintroduce LPs to its stores with Sainsbury’s joining them later in the year.


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