1. Scratch and cut wherever you go with the Numark PT01!

    Numark has provided Djs with the ability to scratch and cut wherever you go, built with Numarks’s exclusive adjustable scratch switch you can now choose a record of your choice and perform and scratch routine, whether you’re performing an outdoor gig, at home or a club.

     The PT01 Scratch is designed for any type of DJ whether you’re a professional turntablist or have a passion for collection vinyl, you can transform, cut and scratch to your hearts content. With the adjustable scratch switch both left and right handers can perform easily and comfortably, simply unscrew the scratch switch and adjust to your needs.

     The scratch and slide switch from Numark provides a longer performance and its user replaceable for more action. Equipped with a red slip mat which performs light to heavy handed scratches with your records.

     You can also connect your phone to play background music through the stereo input to allow you to scratch alon

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  2. Christmas at Gearooz - Gift Guide

    Holiday Gift Guide for DJ’s and Performers - Main Gifts

     After previously posting a Stocking Filler gift guide we are now giving you a collection of our favourite products that we think would be awesome gifts to give this year. This gift guide contains the larger items that you would traditional put under the tree.

     Let’s get started!

     Chord Linden Ukulele’s

     These are an amazing and unique gift to give a musician who is looking to learn how to play a new and interesting instrument. We have a huge range of beautiful colours and these quality ukuleles would be a very trendy gift.

     Numark Professional DJ Headphones

     For our Stocking Stuffer gift guide, we

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  3. Stanton Updates Its Line Of DJ Turntables

    Stanton has just announced two new turntables, the ST.150 M2 and STR8.150 M2. They have been redesigned from the ground up, and feature a new, heavy-duty aluminium housing that makes them much lighter than their predecessors. Stanton also updated the face of the turntables by moving the controls around to make the decks look and seem less cluttered.

    The only difference between the two models is the straight tone arm found on the STR8.150 M2 over the more conventional ‘S-shape’ version found on the ST8.150 M2. This is good news for turntablists, who usually favour a straight tone-arm for superior tracking ability during routines - that means less chances of your needle skipping in the middle of a scratch.

    Some additional features on the new turntables include the removable target light, 33, 45 and 78 RPM platter speeds and adjustable pitch ranges of 8, 25 and 50%. A full version of Deckadance DVS comes included also.

    Both of the

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