1. Christmas at Gearooz - Gift Guide

    Holiday Gift Guide for DJ’s and Performers - Main Gifts

     After previously posting a Stocking Filler gift guide we are now giving you a collection of our favourite products that we think would be awesome gifts to give this year. This gift guide contains the larger items that you would traditional put under the tree.

     Let’s get started!

     Chord Linden Ukulele’s

     These are an amazing and unique gift to give a musician who is looking to learn how to play a new and interesting instrument. We have a huge range of beautiful colours and these quality ukuleles would be a very trendy gift.

     Numark Professional DJ Headphones

     For our Stocking Stuffer gift guide, we

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  2. The New Chord Ukulele's

    Chord has come out with a new range of products including the Linden Laminate Soprano Ukulele’s. An extremely fun and eye catching instrument these are usually looked over in the musical industry however lately more and more people are coming around to the idea that a ukulele can be an essential piece of equipment in your collection. Adding something different to your shows these can really grab the attention of your crowd.

    The Chord Soprano ukulele’s feature linden top, back, sides and neck with a 12 fret fingerboard. Finish is stained or solid colour and fitted with nylon strings, tuned via 4 geared machine heads.

    Whether you want to add some more to your ever expanding collection or you want to take on the challenge of learning to play classic, rock and pop music on a ukulele we have plenty to choose from, with a variety of different colours available on our 

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  3. Gearooz Introduces Ukuleles

    For years Ukuleles have been looked at as a mimic or a comical accessory. Now this four-string instrument is becoming a popular choice for many. 

    The ukulele is a member of the chordophone family, originating in Portugal and carried across the seven seas by seafaring cabinet makers and workers in search of their fortune overseas. The logistics of transporting an instrument in confined spaces made it necessary that the ukulele be smalls. When the SS Ravenscrag landed in Hawai'i in 1879, the story of the ukulele really begins. According to legend the ukulele was named after the nimble fingers of its originating players (the Hawaiian for "jumping flea" is "uku-lele") and it was soon adopted as the island nation's instrument. 

    The Panama Pacific International Exposition, in San Francisco, brought the ukulele to the US mainland and the first great boom followed shortly afterwards, with instruments makers such as Martin, Gibso

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