1. How to Maintain your Studies Whilst Pursing Music

    College or University is certainly no walk in the park, between classes, studying and exams there’s barely enough time to keep on top of the basics such as eating and sleeping regularly. So how do people balance all of this whilst pursing their side career or hobby, well it can be done but it takes a lot of preparation and dedication.

    If you’re struggling to handle being a model student whilst actively pursuing music then there are a few things you can implement into your routine to help balance the two.

    As tough as it may be you will have to decide which comes first, when it comes to making the difficult decisions between taking a gig and studying for an exam you will need to know which is your priority. This also goes for socialising, are you willing to give up certain aspects in order to both study and make music. It may mean giving up an occasional night out with friends or a class here and there, whatever it may be its important to distinguish what can be sacrif

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  2. 5 Music Roles that are Perfect for Uni Students

    A job whilst studying at university isn’t for everyone but if you’re aspiring to work within the music industry it is a huge part of your career. As a music student having that extra experience will give you the edge over other graduates when it comes to getting your foot in the door.

    It’s a lot of hard work balancing a degree and a job but it can have massive benefits for students including experience, making contacts and learning new skills that you may not have had the chance to learn in a classroom environment. If you’re wondering what kind of jobs you can get as a student then we have a few suggestions (some of which we mentioned briefly in our side job post).

    If would like to be working within the community then a job at a music/record shop would be a great one, not only does it allow you to meet others with a similar passion for music but it introduces you to new music and opens up some opportunities to perform if they host small events or lau

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  3. Why Extra Curriculum's are Important for your Future Music Career

    When applying for your chosen university course or your dream job it’s a huge benefit if you can show them that you gained experience from other achievements that just your general studies. If you’re considering a music degree or thinking about your dream job in the industry then you should probably start preparing for it as soon as possible.

    It’s never too early to be thinking about what you can do to stand out from other applications when it comes to a university place or a job. If you’re currently in education take your summer as an opportunity to attend a music camp or to complete an extra music program. There are so many different things you can do to fill up your applications, take some time to look over your best options and in the mean time we are going to go over a few reasons why these extra curriculums are so important for your future.

    Firstly getting head will make your future self very applicative, if you chose to attend a summer camp or to complete anot

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  4. Five Types of People to Network with in the Music Industry

    Of course to succeed within the industry you need talent but there are a few different types of people you will want to meet in the music industry to get to where you want to be. Networking within is a major part of the business as I’m sure you’ve been told before, but who exactly do you need to be sweet talking.  These connections will not only be possible managers, fans and partners but friends. One of the great things about the industry is the community and the ability to build real friendships.

    If you’re still in college take advantage of the onsite organizations, your music college will undoubtedly have a radio station. If you don’t want to have direct involvement within the station (although I do recommend it) then make the effort to get to know those who are involved and offer your work if they are looking for new artists to feature. If you’re attending a musical institute then it will be full of aspiring bands and artists don’t pass up the opport

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  5. Things to Consider When Choosing a Music Degree

    We’ve spoken a lot about university from audition tips to whether it’s worth it at all. If you’ve decided that a degree is the direction you wish to follow then the next step would be applications. Before preparing any sort of portfolio or audition you will want to do a bit of research on the universities of your choice. It can become extremely overwhelming trying to pick the right one, especially when its such a big expense.

    Music is a difficult industry to crack so if you’re looking to apply for a music course you will want to make sure it will set you in the right direction for a future within the industry, you will find some suit you better than others.

    One of the first things to do is to research schools that specialize in the field you desire, in this case music. There are many prestigious schools that we all know of but don’t forget there are lesser known uni’s that also offer reputable music courses, there’s no harm is applying for both. It’s also worth think

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  6. Tips for your University Audition

    We’ve spoken previously about whether a degree in Music is worth it or not but before you can go and get your degree you need to be accepted. If you’re going for an arts school or going for any kind of performance/music based course then chances are you will have to do an audition. If the next step for you is university then you probably haven’t had much experience with auditions and it can be daunting but try not to worry. There are some things that are just out of your control when it comes to your audition but hopefully these tips will help you avoid any problems that may occur and make the who process a lot more enjoyable.

    Firstly you will want to be as prepared as possible which means learning everything there is to know about your audition, certain requirements they may have, and the material and where and what time your audition is. If the judges, professors or whoever is behind that desk sees that you’re unorganized, late or slacking in any way then you’re out. Have

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