1. Evolution of Music Devices and Music Consumption Pt1

    The way we consume music is constantly evolving and has done so at a rapid rate in the last 10+ years due to the amazing development in technology and the rise of companies such as Apple. The way we prefer to listen to music has influenced where we are today in music technology, we want convenience; we want to be able to listen to music whenever and wherever.

    So how did we get to where we are today? And how have we influenced technology over time?

    Let’s start with Thomas Edison; with the invention of the phonograph in 1877 music consumption was completely transformed. People were only able to listen to their favorite music at the theatre, concert or at home with their own instruments. There had been previous attempts at recording music before this invention; Leon Scott de Martinville’s phonautograph invented in 1857 could record however the phonograph was the first device which was capable of recording and playing back music.

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  2. Musical Formats and Which one is Best for your Music

    Choosing which format to release your music in is probably something you’ve already thought about but before making that final decision you might want to go over your options again to gain an understanding of which platform suits your music best.

    I’m sure you already have an idea of the different platforms and what they mean but if you are unsure and want a refresher, here are some of the different ways in which music is released and what the general requirements are.

    A single is the most popular choice for beginners. For the most part it’s as simple as releasing one song along with all the promotion it needs but that’s not strictly the rules. There have been many artists who have released singles which contain a couple of songs and they have done very well. If you’re a beginner and have a couple of solid songs you want to release just to test the grounds before releasing a full album then  a single is a good place to start. A single (if not only one song) will run a

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  3. A Guide to Different DJ Setups.

    Once upon a time DJ set ups were simple and easy, the only thing you really needed were turntables. Nowadays there are a variety of different set ups which can become overwhelming, with the addition of software for your laptop, CD decks, digital vinyl and apps amongst many other variations of equipment your choices are endless and for beginners you can get confused very easily.

    We have created guides on all sorts of equipment from DJ controllers for beginners to choosing the right microphone but before purchasing any equipment its important to know which setup you’re going for. We hope this guide on different DJ setups will help you make the right choice.

    We advise you to find out which setup best suits your needs. The price of equipment can become very expensive so its best to know exactly what you need to avoid spending money on unnecessary products.

    Let’s start with the

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  4. Scratch and cut wherever you go with the Numark PT01!

    Numark has provided Djs with the ability to scratch and cut wherever you go, built with Numarks’s exclusive adjustable scratch switch you can now choose a record of your choice and perform and scratch routine, whether you’re performing an outdoor gig, at home or a club.

     The PT01 Scratch is designed for any type of DJ whether you’re a professional turntablist or have a passion for collection vinyl, you can transform, cut and scratch to your hearts content. With the adjustable scratch switch both left and right handers can perform easily and comfortably, simply unscrew the scratch switch and adjust to your needs.

     The scratch and slide switch from Numark provides a longer performance and its user replaceable for more action. Equipped with a red slip mat which performs light to heavy handed scratches with your records.

     You can also connect your phone to play background music through the stereo input to allow you to scratch alon

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  5. Perfect for vinyl enthusiasts, the Pioneer PLX-1000

    The PLX-1000 is perfect for professional Dj’s or vinyl enthusiast, It’s precision engineering for the booth, this high torque direct drive turntable has a classic layout and a rubber lined s shaped tone arm that improves isolation and prevents feedback.

     Easily connected for low impendence and incredible sound quality, you can simply connect to the professional grade, gold plated RCA jacks. Perfect for Dj’s on the road.

    Featuring next generation improvements, the PLX-1000 is a quality turntable, you can combine this turntable with your Pioneer DJM mixer to get the ultimate Dj system set up.

    The PLX-100 is now available to order online at, our team are always on head to help if you have any queries or questions about your order.

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  6. Keep Your Gear In Pristine Condition With AM Clean Sound...

    Keep your vinyl and records clean with the AM Clean Sound range. Here at Gearooz we stock the whole Clean Sound AM range including vinyl cleaner, cassette brushes, vinyl cloths and more. 

    The range is extensive and includes everything you need to ensure your vinyl players and records are kept in the best condition. 

    The AM Record cleaner is a safe and effective way to freshen up your vinyl collection. This non-abrasive deep cleaning solution eliminates dirt, dust and static build-up. By using the cleaner and overall cleaning your records it will not only improve the sound quality but also prolong their life. Ideal for every day cleaning or deep-cleaning to wipe the dust off the dirtiest vinyl. 

    Clean Sound have the tools you need to reduce friction during playback. Alongside the Record Cleaner, the range includes 20ml non-abrasive stylus cleaning solution and brush applicator which removes grit and dirt particles that are left from th

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  7. Spinbox Kit Lets You Build Your Own Turntable

    This flat pack turntable kit is perfect for any vinyl lover.

    Vinyl fans looking for a novelty way of playing their beloved records will soon be able to build their own turntable using a flat-pack kit called Spinbox

    Spinbox is as “a portable, affordable way to experience vinyl”, and includes all the flat-packed components needed to assemble an all-in-one turntable with amplifer and speakers.

    According to the company behind Spinbox, the turntable can be assembled from scratch in just 18 minutes.

    The exterior of the turntable is lightweight, compact and has made from the same heavy-duty paper material used for packaging Apple products.

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  8. UK Vinyl Sales Exceed The Three Million Mark For The First Time Since 1991

    Vinyl sales topped over 3.2 million last year, the highest UK total in 25 years.

    According to the British Phonographic Industry, the record that was number one on the top 10 list was David Bowie’s popular album ‘Blackstar’ which contributed to a staggering 53% increase of sales in comparison to 2015, and sold more than double the number of copies of 2015’s biggest sell, Adele’s 25.

    Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ came in at number 5, with Prince & The Revolution’s ‘Purple Rain’ charting at number 9.

    Back in 1991 the vinyl charts were topped by Simply Red with their album ‘Stars’ being the year’s biggest selling record.

    With vinyl still only accounting for 2.6% of the overall music market - and while it continues to enjoy resurgence, sales of CDs and downloads are still falling rapidly.


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  9. The GPO Retro Range

    The sale of vinyl records has increased dramatically over the last few years due to the increasing popularity of turntables once again. Classic 50’s and 60’s retro designs are making a comeback and Gearooz are proud to be stockists of British brand GPO and their recent range of record players, speakers, and vinyl accessories.

    A versatile and diverse range of products GPO injects vintage style and digital technology into their turntables, fusing them together to produce a modern piece of kit with a classic retro design.

    With their portable briefcase record players users can enjoy their music anywhere and can even carry their vinyl’s in a matching leather carry case. Unlike its ancestors you don’t have to lug your records around as these turntables come with USB and auxiliary ports. Simply plug in and start listening to your music.

    Including in these portable and compact units is a rechargeable battery with up to 2.5 hours of playback al

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