We spoken a lot about social media and how important it is to be a part of it as a musician, but we’ve not gone into much detail about websites and having a place online that holds every part of yourself as an artist. Having social media sites is great for audience engagement and getting information out there quickly but it’s so important to have a centre for all things music, somewhere to post music, photos, and video, write blog posts and even sell merchandise.

Having a website of your own, completely created by you is the perfect way to have total control over what is seen, unlike socials which control content with algorithms and restrictions. The best part is you do not have to be a professional to build a website; there are many different tools online to help you. Here are a few tips when it comes to building your site.

First things first, your domain. This is how people will find your website, so it’s important to use something simple. If you g

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