This weekend we have taken our packages to another level with arrival of the LiteConsole XPRS DJ Booth Pro Moving Head Plinth ZLX-15P Stereo Speaker Package.

This new package features:
One XPRS Aluminium Foldable DJ Booth
Two Electro-Voice ZLX-15P 15” Speakers
One Stagg SPSQ10 High Quality Speaker Stand Bag Kit
Two ADJ Inno Spot Pro Moving Heads
Two Trusst Glo Totems with Scrim

This package was created for the mobile DJ, designed to meet all their sound and lighting requirements. The package includes a LiteConsole DJ booth, which is the perfect piece of equipment to house your controller and laptop.

Everything included in this WOW! Category package will fold down flat, excluding the speakers, and will therefore fit into car boots, making this the perfect mobile DJ package.

The package is listed in the WOW! Category on our website and costs £3129.00

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