1. How To Get More Views On Your YouTube Videos

    Trying to get your videos noticed on Youtube can be a whole task in itself. You’ve got a great thumbnail, title and a bunch of tags but you still aren’t getting the views you want? We wanted to give you a few extra things you can do to help boast your channel. Obviously being an overnight success is rare so keep in mind that it may take a while for your channel to take off but as long as you are consistent and continue making quality content with these few additions you will see results.

    Take full advantage of the community as it will be the best way to gain views and subscribers. If you aren’t already makes sure you are subscribing and commenting on other videos similar to yours, getting to know people in the community who have the same passion for music as you. You’d be surprised at how many small channels are willing to support each other so just be genuine, kind and respectful and you will find that you will gain views simply for others within the community and the fans

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  2. YouTube Music is now available in the UK!

    YouTube Premium and YouTube Music is now officially available in the UK, after announcing that they were expanding their music services we were very curious how it would be received. YouTube offered music via videos previous but users now have the option to pay a fee per month which gives access to official albums, singles, live performance, remixes and other YouTube exclusives.

    You will also get personalized recommendations and thousands of playlists for different activities, genres and moods much like Spotify. If users would prefer not to pay then they can access an ad-supported version of YouTube music which is free to use.

    If you’re interested in having ad free content and download then you can pay £9.99 a month for YouTube Music Premium. You can get more info about the new launch here.

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  3. Musicians: Selling your music

    For musicians it can be hard to tell where you should be posting your music and if it will benefit you or harm your chances of success. The obvious place to start is social media, simply getting your music our there or at least teasers of your latest creations is a great way to gain attention and a fan base. Once you’ve got the hang of using social media to market your brand it’s time to start making money on your music, you can only go so long putting your music out there for free before you decide your stuff is worth a fee.

    Here are some ways to sell your music.

    The most popular way of consuming music these days is through streaming; right now there are multiple streaming apps which include Spotify, YouTube, Apple music, Amazon music and many more. Although anyone can create a YouTube account and primarily it’s free, you can make money from your music on YouTube. If you gain enough followers and views then it’s a great way to start earning some money and exposure.

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  4. About Us

    Delivering the best customer service is the most important part of what we do here at Gearooz. We strive to make sure we are always connected to our customers, we love to talk, discuss and help wherever possible. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of service; we believe that you deserve to have access to a wide range of equipment from DJ controllers and speakers to musical instruments, studio equipment and lighting. And Gearooz was established to make the purchasing of sound and lighting fixtures quicker and easier than ever. 

    We are proud of not only the progess of Gearooz but the team that has grown with it, it is important that we get to know our customers as they get to know us and the team and with that we are happy to bring to you a brand new website. Our online presence is very important to us and we wanted to make sure we made the order process as quick and easy as possible for our customers whilst still having our team available instantly through our live c

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  5. Gearooz Top 5!

    In our second Top 5 video Jamie will be taking us through the Top 5 entry level controllers on the market, looking over the layout, specifications and value for money to see which one comes out on top. The video includes;

    The entry level DDJ-RB is inspired by professional controllers. Designed for on the go DJs, the DDJ-RB is a lightweight controller packed with advanced features. This controller is all you need to get started with rekordbox DJ performance software. Check out our Top 5 for more information on layout and features.

    The DDJ-SB3 is the latest addition to the DDJ-SB range and combines the popular feature of the DDJ-SB2 with the leading Serato DJ controllers to make learning to DJ more accessible than ever. Featuring a profes

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  6. Brand New Feature: Top 5

    There’s a brand new feature on our Youtube channel where we give a little insight on the products we love! This week we’re taking a look at Pioneer DJ Controllers designed for Rekordbox.

    As I’m sure you’re all aware Rekordbox is Pioneer DJ’s analysis, preparation and management software which was released back in 2013. It allows you to prepare your tracks at home so you can perform much more creative mixes and focus more on your actual set.

    We’re going to count down our Top 5 controllers which have been specifically designed for the software.

    Number 5 - DDJ-RX

    One of the first native controllers for rekordbox and it’s still one of the best out there. Building on the well-received SX model, the DDJ-RX was released with a smaller price tag than its more advanced brother the DDJ-RZ whilst maintaining that professional feel and great build quality you expect from Pioneer DJ. Its CDJ-esque design maps the layout of rekordbox from your laptop giving you the

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  7. Introducing Gearooz60!

    The year feels like its flying by and with the end of March we are launching a brand new feature on our official Gearooz YouTube page, Gearooz60 will be a monthly round up of everything that happened from DJ & Music news to product launches and reviews.

    This new feature will help customers and music enthusiasts alike keep up to date with everything related not only to Gearooz but to the music industry in general. Our short monthly videos will be a quick and easy way to access information on the latest products on the market as well as important news.

    We have officially released our first Gearooz60 which looks over the month of March with news on the Pro Mobile Awards and new launches such as the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3, HK Audio and the RCF EVOX8 in white.

    We’re looking forward to producing new and improved content for you and with the exciting months ahead for the industry we can’t wait to bring you a new Gearooz60 video every month!


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