Earlier in the year Panasonic announced the development of the Grand Class Technics SL-1200G turntable.

Now it's here and the SL-1200G  has many features including a triple-layer platter, an iron-free direct drive motor that reduces vibration during rotation, and a magnesium tonearm.

The gold plated phono and ground terminals are made from brass which prevents deterioration of sound quality and allows users to easily connect the cables.

The SL-1200G is made from 10-mm thick panel of aluminium which sits on top of a three layer cabinet design also made from aluminium, resulting in a much tougher unit.

Now it’s finally available to purchase and its £2,799 UK price tag has been confirmed. But after concerns over its high costs, Technics CEO Tetsuya Itani has been forced to defend the pricing.

According to Technics, the new model of the SL-1200 series has been redesigned and it’s a hardwearing and much sturdier unit, hence the price tag.

They also said that the turntable is at the ‘highest level’ and states that ‘no compromises’ have been made with creating this direct drive system and so users can receive the ultimate musical experience.

Alongside this Technics also hinted at the time that Panasonic would consider releasing a less expensive version in the future.

A UK release date has yet to be announced for the SL-1200G but users can buy it from many German stockists online.