The Lucas 2K18 is a popular choice for DJ’s on the go, those who work weddings, galas, birthdays and similar events find the Lucas 2K18 is a great companion on the road. No other portable system can compare to this compact system and its ability to produce the perfect balance between soothing background music, crisp and articulate speech reinforcement, and huge dance floor-filling beats.

 With premium quality features and a newly developed 2,000-watt power amplifier this system was designed to meet the needs of DJ’s. Some other great features this PA delivers are an extremely natural, transparent and easily understandable voice reproduction, making it ideal for wedding speeches and celebratory toasts.

 As well as that the Lucas 2k also offers soft background music whenever required. For example, celebratory dinners. And for the parties the Lucas 2k calls on its superior power reserves to deliver powerful bass at high volumes all the while remaining perfectly balanced.

 This professional PA system is currently on offer and Gearooz also provide a finance scheme for those who would like to spread the cost. Head over to before the discount ends!