Heading off to a festival this year? Here at Gearooz we have put together a list of festival essentials so whether you are heading off for a one day or planning a whole weekend away, don’t forget to pack the Gearooz festival favourites!

1. Waterproof Rain Mac and Wellies – British weather is unpredictable and the sun could be shining one minute but the rain might pour the next! Make sure you are prepped to keep yourself dry and remember to take some thick socks for those wellies!

2. Toiletries - Toilet paper, antibacterial hand gel and especially wet wipes, so you can wipe off the mud!

3. Torch - When it starts to get dark you will need a torch to find your way back to your tent and ensure that you find your friends safely

4. Sunglasses and Suncream – You don’t want to be stuck in a crowd squinting towards the stage and burning in the process! Make sure you pack your factor 50 and get the sunnies on

5. Water bottle – If the weather gets hot, then water is essential to keep you hydrated, most festivals allow you to take bottled water in and you can even refill them for free at designated taps around the sites.

6. Sleeping Bag and Tent – If you camping ensure you have a sleeping bag and tent, and it’s always handy to give both a quick check over before you go to ensure they are in good condition since the last time you used them.

7. Cash and Mobile Phone – A mobile phone is always handy to have in case you lose your friends and make sure you have enough cash at the event so you can buy yourself some food or need to make any necessary purchases. Plus sometimes is can be hard to locate a cash machine.

8. Sensible Clothes and A Spare Change Of Clothes – Don’t wear your Sunday best and make sure you are happy for your clothes to get a bit dirty or messy. Alongside this don’t forget a spare set of clothes in case the heavens open and it pours down!

9. A First Aid Kit – It’s always handy to have some spare plasters for those large blisters or a bandage in case you or a friend sprains an ankle or ends up getting hurt.

10. Ear Plugs – The music will be loud and if you like to squeeze your way to the front to watch your favourite band, then it's important that you protect your ear drums in the process! 

Lastly don't forget to have fun and enjoy yourself!