Looking for an iconic 60’s resurrection? The Hagstrom Retroscape is a classic guitar, with unique features such as a slimmer neck and easier playability. Found in all of Hagstom guitars the Retroscape comes with its Resinator Fretboard and Hagstrom H-Expander Truss Rod, making this guitar durable and reliable.

 Very much popular amongst punk and grunge bands the Hagstrom brand as seen many of its guitars in the hands of artists like Joe Satriani and Aaron North of Nine Inch Nails.  After the large request to re issue these classics Hagstrom have recreated and updated versions of these classics.

 Hagstrom have put a lot of work into recreating the original pickups and the new Retroscrape pickups are an incredible match to the original’s sonic sound. If you are interested in purchasing the Hagstrom Retroscape head over to Gearooz.com for more information.