The ADJ Stinger II is a three in one professional light perfect for mobile entertainers, clubs, pubs, and bars. An upgrade from its predecessor (the stinger 1), it is part of the ADJ StarTec Series and offers 3-FX-IN-1 in a compact, lightweight and portable lighting fixture. The eight 3W UV LEDS offer modern options for DJs and a new alternative way to create excitement in a venue and to overall enhance an event.

The Stinger II combines UV LEDS with HEX LED moonflower and a red and green Galaxy style effect laser, all of which give a user creative freedom when it comes to entertainment. The intense clear and strobe lights can add a club-style atmosphere to any venue and this fixture has 15 built-in colour options, smooth steeper motors for premium lightshows and a 4-button DMX function display.

The Stinger II utilises its three light sources – six 5W hex-LEDs, eight 3W UV LEDs and a red and green laser – to give users a Moonflower/UV/Laser effect that creates new levels of lighting excitement for audiences. The coloured LED Moonflower effects has vibrant colours including red, green, blue, amber, white and pink. These bright colours can cast flashes of light across an event in a wide embellishment pattern, can fill a dance floor in an instant and is guaranteed to provide your audience with hours of entertainment.

The versatile unit’s 1.8 degree long-life stepper motor technology ensures that the effects can either move through the air at high speeds or slowly depending on the user’s choice and what ambience they are trying to create. It also means this fixture can achieve accurate positioning and dynamic movement, whether users need the effects to move rapidly around the venue or smoothly alongside mood music making this a perfect option for weddings.

The choice of movements can be used to the highest capacity as this versatile unit can be used to great effect when operating in DMX-Controlled mode, which offers control via 10 DMX channels. The sound-activated mode and built-in programs with master/slave and chaining option offer set-and-forget operation, whereas DMX as well as UC IR remote and Airstream IR app control provides convenient integration options for more complex lighting systems. This lets users control settings via their smart phone.  The Auto Run and Sound Active modes, allow for user friendliness and for more simplistic operation and these built-in shows will ensure you make a positive impact on your event.  

Weighing only 5kg, the Stinger II is perfect for mobile DJs, touring bands, and event organisers as they can take the highly-portable Stinger on the road as part of their mobile setup, giving them a compact but powerful effect in a small mobile size and at an affordable price.

The ADJ Stinger II is a flexible unit takes all of the great features from the original version and improves them by adding stunning UV LEDs to its display. It is the ultimate three-in-one lighting fixtures and it has the ability to create attention-grabbing effects its multiple features make any request a possibility. This high-power lighting effect is perfect for mobile entertainers, clubs, pubs and bars. Order your Stinger II online now.