QTX Two-in-One Fog Machine with a Mini LED Fireball Light Effect. This fantastic product has a wired control for fog demand on operation and an adjustable mounting bracket allows the unit to be fixed to lighting stands or trusses. Perfect for smaller events, the LED effect creates a multitude of sharp beams which combined with the fog produces stunning visual displays. Its compact size makes for easy transport which is superb for travelling performers as well as easy display for those working in smaller venues. Perfect for upcoming Halloween parties, create a creepy atmosphere with the addition of the fog machine.

This small machine can take your show to the next level, a great addition to your set up if you entertain for smaller crowds or if you are a beginner.  I highly recommend this quality piece of equipment and if you are interested in picking it up for yourself it is now available online at Gearooz.com as well as all the product specifications. Our live chat is open until 6pm if you have any queries of questions.