RocknRoller is a manufacturer of the popular multicart. A durable trolley fitted with ‘no flat’ foam filled rear wheels and swivel casters, the RocknRoller carts will allow you to move large and heavy loads of gear quickly and without hassle.

Easily configured in different ways by moving the extension handles, users can transform the cart into a hand truck, dolly or use the fold up sides to carry and hold their equipment. The cart can even be customised by adding a shelf so users can play performances in an instant.

The R-Trac tyres can easily ride over rough terrain, similar to pneumatic tyres they have excellent traction, can ride smoothly and can assist users on inclines. They don’t need inflating as they are not air filled so users will never have a flat tyre!

The 8-in-1 cart can transform to allow the user to adjust the sizes in order to suit their equipment needs. Some models can extend from 34” to 52” in length and they have a weight capacity of 226kgs. With stable design, the tough steel powder coated finish is hard wearing and eco friendly.

The RocknRoller multi carts are extremely efficient and can fold up to a small, portable size making it perfect for easy transportation. They are extremely lightweight, compact and make the perfect travel accompaniment for the travelling musician.

Users can avoid the repeated trips back and forth from the venues as the large capacity of the cart can carry all your gear in one trip. It also features a telescoping frame and foldable sides for those equipment loads that are rather high.

RocknRoller have a variety of different models and sizes including the R2RT which extends to 39 inches and the R12RT which can extend to 52 inches. If users are unsure what size to get then a size chart is available online to help DJs make their decision.

 The RocknRoller is an essential piece of equipment that is functional and high quality, it is suited for all DJs and musicians that are on tour and on the road.