Picking a set of DJ headphones can be a difficult choice, especially as there is so many available. Each set of headphones will have its own features but it is important to choose a set that is durable, long lasting and perfect for Djing with.   

In this article we highlight the features that you should be looking for in a set of DJ headphones.

Noise isolation is key component especially if you are playing in a nightclub. If your headphones lack good noise isolation, you will find yourself cranking up the headphone volume on the mixer to block out the sound coming from the club speakers. This will not only damage your ears but the longer you do this for, the quieter your headphones will seem and therefore, you will continue to overcompensate with even more volume. Ensure that any headphones you are considering are good at blocking out external noise.

Accurate sound - This is a rather important factor. Accurate headphones are essential for flawless mixing. They need to have punchy bass and clear sound and detail. High quality sound is extremely important so sometimes it is best to try them out and listen to them before making a purchase.

An obvious feature any DJ wants is comfort and durability. A set of headphones needs to be long-lasting, strong and rigid. A variety of headphones come with flexible headbands and as you are wearing them for extended periods of time you want to ensure that they are comfortable and sit well. These also stands for ear pads as everyone has different preferences. Some headphone ear-pads can be swapped out in the long run.

A strong and flexible lead can either be a coiled or straight one. Again this is personal preference. Some may prefer a coiled lead that is springy and allows you to move around the booth with ease. However a straight lead is often shorter and preferred for everyday use. Ultimately you don’t want a lead that is going to snag on your equipment every time you move.

Do you like to monitor your mixing by flipping one ear cup over? If so, whether or not the cans swivel and rotate is an important thing to keep in mind. Headphones that swivel are often easier to fold away, therefore making them more portable and easy to transport. Alongside this you can opt for a open or closed-back set of headphones. Some DJs generally opt for closed-back models that isolate the DJ from external sound—important in noisy club settings. Closed-back headphones also tend to produce better bass response.

Choosing the right set of headphones can make a difference in how you remix your tunes and DJ through the night.  Here at Gearooz we have a range of headphones that can be purchased online. Alternatively visit our Brighton showroom and have a listen and demo them yourself.