Its easy to have all these goals and aspirations but the hard part is really going for it and working hard to make it happen. Everything takes time and perseverance and DJing is no different, however there are a few things that might help you along your way.

 The number one advice anyone can give is to work hard and to be determined. In the end its about how much time and effort you put into something. Whilst getting those gigs is important, practice and working towards improving on your skill will pay off in the end. I’m sure you will go through stages of not booking gigs and that’s okay as long as you use that time wisely to find your own sound, a unique sound that you can offer others.

 And with that being said finding your sound is one of the most important aspects and will most likely determine your success. It’s a competitive industry and with that means you need to stand out, creating something new and refreshing will help you get noticed. However as an aspiring DJ your natural passion for music will help in your journey to finding your sound.

 An obvious part of DJing is your equipment, to be able to practice and produce music you will have to be prepared to spend some money on your kit. Luckily the range of equipment nowadays is very large and cater well to beginners, make sure you take time choosing the right equipment for you. Remember we have plenty of guides on the best gear for beginners. Once compiling a good collection of equipment its important to know your kit, continue to work and practice to get to know what works well.

 Marketing is a vital part of any brand, and with the rapid growth of social media it can be the difference between getting noticed and being swept under the rug. In the beginning it will be down to you to get yourself out there, to connect and collaborate with other artists. There are so many fantastic platforms available to get your music out there, you want people to know who you are and to keep seeing your name pop up on their feed.

 As a DJ its your job to get a crowd excited and energised, if you’re not having fun then you can’t expect your audience to either. It’s important to work hard but always remember your doing this because you love it, and with that you will see results.

 Of course there is no step by step guide to the music industry. People find success in many different ways and we cannot give you a sure fire way to make money however we can say, if you put in the work you will reap the rewards. And don’t forget every step you take is a step closer to your goal, no matter how big or small.