The Turbosound iNSPIRE iP2000 is one of three modular column loudspeakers in the iNSPIRE series. This loudspeaker produces clear, high-quality sound in an aesthetically pleasing design. The lightweight unit is perfect for a small nightclub, wedding or church venue and will fill a room with its powerful sound.

The 1,000 watt custom-engineered 12 inch subwoofer and 17 X 2 drivers produce rich and full sound as it is packed with industry-leading Klark Teknik, DSP, Class D amplifier, and spatial sound technology as well as simple and convenient Bluetooth connectivity that enables user to stream music directly from their smartphone or tablet via the‘Turbo Control’ app. The app allows users to tailor their settings, channel volumes, EQs and overall sound profile simply and effectively.

It’s compact design and portability makes it a perfect choice for a mobile DJ looking to minimise setup time. Users just have to simply attach the columns to the base, connect a mixer feed or microphone then plug the base into the power source.

The onboard Klark Teknik DSP delivers superb sound and the custom engineered drivers that provide users with outstanding 120 degree horizontal optimised sound dispersion. This creates an even and sonically balanced sound that will reach the largest of audiences and eliminate the need for heavy power supplies as it doesn’t overheat.

Although the iNSPIRE iP2000 is lightweight, it doesn’t compromise on sound as its class D amplifier produces enormous power. The 24-bit DSP can analyse incoming signals and applies specific filters which produces optimal sound quality.

The Turbosound iNSPIRE iP2000 lets you easily carry two iP2000 columns in a shoulder bag and carry the base unit with one hand, yet still have one hand free.

Housed in a wood enclosure with integrated protective perforated steel mesh grilles and it has a semi-matte black finish. Integral ergonomic carrying handles are included for ease of portability.

The Turbosound iNSPIRE iP2000 has two XLR connectors that accept balanced and unbalanced connections for dynamic microphones and line-level instruments. Alongside this it has a user interface that has a single rotary push-encoder making a user friendly device. The switch mode power supply provides new limiting functions to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

The Turbosound iNSPIRE also features a backlit LCD panel display, for fast adjustment of delay, limiter, and EQ parameters. It can provide clear thump and depth to a group of between 50 and 120 people making this a great accompaniment for a travelling musician or small venue DJ.

The unit is lightweight enabling users to easily carry two iP2000 columns in a shoulder bag and carry the base unit with one hand leaving one hand free. The bag is available to purchase separately.

The iNSPIRE iP2000 is an affordable unit that produces great highs and detailed mids, the angled coverage, easy configuration and great aesthetics means this speaker is perfect for enhancing a mobile DJ setup.