The Alesis Pad Pro Electronic Drum Instrument, an all in one percussion instrument. Looking for more sonic creativity? There’s no limit with the SamplePad Pro. With 8 fully responsive and velocity sensitive pads with blue LED illumination this is a seriously cool piece of equipment. It includes hundreds of professionally recorded in demand sounds onboard as well as an SD card slot for loading and storing your own sounds.

Need to expand? The SamplePad Pro has trigger inputs for two additional drum pads plus Kick Drum and Hi-Hat pedal inputs making this great for those who need their equipment to grow with them and last over time.

With these extra additions it can truly transform your SamplePad Pro from a percussion instrument into a full blown electronic drum kit for those on the road. Along with this your SamplePad can integrate seamlessly into your existing set up. 

You have the ultimate creativity with hundreds of carefully selected drum, cymbal and percussion sounds built in, each created by the professional Alesis sound team. The user interface is fast and easy to use making editing and loading your own sounds effortless even during performances.

The Alesis SamplePad Pro is available to order online, Gearooz offer this product at a fantastic price with quick and easy delivery.