If you are a novice DJ who is finding their feet and you are wondering how you find the music you can DJ with then look no further as Gearooz has the answer.

The internet is a huge source of music for DJs and digital music is readily available for many to download, however it doesn’t make it free and that is why we have selected the top subscription and streaming services for DJs.

 These sites are a superb way to find music that isn’t just in the top 10 charts and DJs can access diverse music that will make their set unique.

Spotify is an online streaming service that can be accessed offline and organised into libraries and categories. This allows DJs to find requested songs in offline and if they are connected to the internet it lets them quickly search the requested artist or song in a split second.  

Another great feature of Spotify is that they have edited versions of songs allowing DJs to find a mix or track that suits their set e.g. if they are at a school disco they can find the clean version of an original song and use that instead.

Spotify is widely used by both new and professional DJs and can be used alongside other music sources. The company has also integrated into DJ software/hardware combinations by allowing users to play on top-of-the-line Pioneer decks including the CDJ-2000. It means that DJs can access Spotify music straight from club-standard gear. Waveforms, cue points, pitch bend, key lock and scratching will work with 320Kbps quality which is superb for a streaming platform such as Spotify.

CDpool is a fully licenced legal music subscription service exclusive to DJs. It has a multitude of songs and genres; it has wide selection digital download music, allowing DJs to customise their sets. It also has professional DJ packs, and latest edition bundles and collections so DJs can be up to date with the latest tracks.

When using any music platform for streaming service it is important for DJs to read the fine print and double check all the terms and conditions.  In the UK as long as the venue has a public performance licence then it is fine for DJs to perform using CDs however if you burn the CD and use it in your DJ software then you need to personally buy a licence. It is up to the DJ to check what licences is needed and what music they can legally play to an audience as some tracks have restrictions.

itunes is a fantastic place to buy and download music. It is perfectly legal and users can access thousands of tracks from a variety of artists. It is simple and easy to use and you can download the itunes app on mobile and tablet devices meaning DJs can take their music anywhere. It is a quick solution for any DJ looking to build their music collection effectively.