Choosing the right sub for you is important, especially when it comes to stereo applications. Typically subwoofers are large and usually floor-standing speakers, which are designed to handle very low frequencies.  

Adding a subwoofer to your PA setup can assist your main speakers and relieve them from the duty of low-end sound reproduction.  If you play to more than 100 people then you should consider getting a subwoofer. This will overall help your PA system produce clear and crisp sound, and will result in no distortion. 

Subwoofers reproduce low frequencies allowing users to play bassy tunes as the subwoofer usually doubles up to handle all the bass content of main channels. When used in large venues or at big events subwoofers can be very effective when the right one is paired to your existing system. 

It is becoming increasingly common to have smaller left and right speakers, plus one or more subwoofers — a format often referred to as 2.1. The two refers to the main pair of stereo (left and right) speakers, while the 'one' refers to the limited-bandwidth subwoofer. However there is a variety of different sized subwoofers including 12" 15"18" and 21". The different sizes have different frequency responses. 

A common size of choice is the 12" subwoofer; this size is both punchy and has a good bass boost. The 15", 18" and 21" are extremely large and produce very low frequency responses due to their large cone area. They are suited to a variety of genres including techno and R&B. 

Subwoofers can handle additional power that is presented to the system; this will take the pressure off your speakers. A high-quality and well designed subwoofer will produce higher overall output and will enable a clear mid-range. 

When buying a subwoofer it is important to test it before you take it out on the road. The subwoofer also needs to have a linear driver; an accurate and powerful amplifier and a well designed and built cabinet.

Alongside choosing the right sub, sub placement is also key. There are several things to consider; Subwoofers should be well away from corners and behind the listener but close to the speaker set-up, you should also avoid placing it at the centre of the room. The closer the subwoofer is placed to the wall, the greater the bass reproduction will become. Some models are designed to be placed close to a wall, specifically to benefit from this.

When buying a subwoofer, usually matching speaker sets with subs designed for them will usually produce the best results as matching a speaker series may take more time and tweaking and you want your set-up to produce consistent tones. 

Generally one subwoofer is enough to improve your set-up but this is dependent on how large an audience you are playing to. If you feel like your PA system could do with a boost then simply adding a Subwoofer could be all you need to enhance your set-up. 

After choosing your sub you need a suitable transportation solution as subwoofers can be very heavy. Here at Gearooz we recommend using the RockNRoller transportation carts. These folding multi carts have heavy load capacity and are easy to manoeuvre. Another solution is a standard wheel dolly, they are durable, heavy duty and have braking mechanisms, perfect for any event.

We have a range of subwoofers all available to order online.