Eagle Noise Pollution Sound Limiter System With Microphone and 30A Contactor

Eagle Noise Pollution Sound Limiter System With Microphone and 30A Contactor

Adastra NPC30A Noise Pollution Control System

Adastra NPC30A Noise Pollution Control System

Nexo 4x1 U 110V Power Digital TD Rack Mountable Controller

Speaker Control Processing

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The primary objective of the strategic alliance created between NEXO and Yamaha in 2005 was to create products that would profoundly elevate system solutions in the sound reinforcement industry. NEXO was seeking a solution that would provide full optimisation and performance of its speaker systems.


Through the combination of NEXO’s renowned expertise in producing top-of-the-line sound reinforcement products and Yamaha’s internationally acclaimed professional audio division, two years of collaborative research using the latest-generation development and research tools have yielded a major breakthrough in high-powered amplification for both fixed and mobile applications.


The NXAMP 4X1 and 4X4 Powered TDControllers are based on an innovative design that will provide the full integration of speaker and amplifier control with output capacities that will allow end users a cost-effective solution.


The innovative control structure implemented into the NXAMP is via the latest generation of NEXO’s TDcontrollers. This full integration of control will provide a safety base and real-time performance that is the first of its kind, having all the parameters controlled by the DSP. This real-time control will offer end users the ability to manage the voltage/current/temperature sense lines from the amplifier's output, protecting both the amplifier and its power supply in real time, while simultaneously offering all control parameters required for the speakers.


Robust, Rugged Power Supplies


NXAMP power supplies are full resonance types with half
bridge converters. This exceptional design minimizes noise
is via (Zero Current Switch (ZCS) technology. NXAMP4x4
employs four times the structure of a monaural amplifier to
present very high power with low load drive.
This requires four converters, four transformers and of
course four power supplies. In addition, on both NXAMP
models, two converters work synchronize the opposite
phase, thus cancelling noise. The benefits include unrivalled
sonic performance and low EMC.


Clean and Cool EEEngine
Both NXAMP amplifiers employ YAMAHA’s EEEngine
technology. This technology offers the sonic purity of
conventional class AB, but with a heat dissipation equaling
class D technology. In fact, NXAMP rails constantly follow the
output signal needs, minimizing the required headroom (and
wasted energy).
Ferocious Final Stage (with Protection)
NXAMP’s final stage output transistor is customized for these
devices via thin chip technology, with minimized thermal
resistance, to reach 300 Volts. NXAMP4x4’s final stage uses
nine such transistors in parallel, to supply 135Amp output
current capacity.
Even though DSP protection is already used on both NXAMP
models, an Area of Safety Operation (ASO) limiter circuit
is also included. ASO limiting is done in analog, as the
limiter attack required is too fast for digital protection and
converter latency.



NXAMP DSP Protection includes:
l Power-on protection
(smooth start-up with in-rush limitation)
l Power-off protection (clean shut-down procedure)
l Peak Voltage limiter (clip limiting)
l Peak Current limiter
l VHF protection
l Integrate current limiter
l DC offset protection
l Short circuit protection
l Fan speed control
l Power Amp overheat protection
l SMPS overheat protection
l SMPS fault protection
l Power cable monitoring


Key Features


NXAMP 4x4 is one of the industry's most powerful amplifiers
Cost-effective integration of command and control, protection and amplification of all NEXO loudspeaker systems
Lighter, requiring less rack space than conventional amplifier-processor systems
Eliminates unnecessary A/D conversion
Optional EtherSound Networking

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