Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 Black DJ Controller with Serato Software

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 Black DJ Controller with Serato Software

Numark C3FX 4 Channel Digital Effects DSP DJ Mixer

Numark C3FX 4 Channel Digital Effects DSP DJ Mixer

Numark C2 4 Channel Rackmount Pro DJ mixer


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4 Channel DJ Rackmount Mixer

Available from Gear4DJs, the least complex, most straightforward configuration, the C2 is a powerful rack mountable DJ mixer. There's no better mixer value as far as execution, features, or quality. 

Five-band EQ gives you a chance to tailor the sound of the system to the room with accuracy. The complex microphone area incorporates extraordinary apparatuses, for example, auto-ducking, which consequently drops the level of whatever's going on when announcements need to be made and auto-muting with sensitivity adjustment so feedback will be nothing but a distant memory.

In an universe of mixers with excessively complicated designs and unnecessarily convoluted operations, the C2 conveys another method for mixing without any difficulty of utilization.

  • Four-channel rack DJ mixer
  • Inputs: three phono (RCA), eight line (RCA), two mic (1/4")
  • Outputs: Balanced (XLR), Master (RCA), Record (RCA), Zone (RCA), Headphone (1/4" stereo)
  • Five-band EQ, rear-panel defeatable
  • Sensitivity-adjustable, defeatable auto-ducking and muting when mic signal is present
  • Split or blend-cueing
  • PFL gain-adjust with meter
  • Fader-start and panning on master fader

  • Line: 10k? input impedance; 85mV rms sensitivity (for 1.22V output)
  • Mic: 10k? input impedance unbalanced; 2 mV rms sensitivity (for 1.22V output); 60mV rms max input
  • Phono:47k? input impedance; 1.5mV rms sensitivity @ 1 KHz (for 1.22V output)
  • Line: 9V rms max
  • Headphone Amp: 0.5 watt int47?
  • Distortion less than 0.01%
SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIOS (vs. maximum output):
  • Line: Better than 96 dB
  • Mic: Better than 78 dB
  • Phono:Better than 87 dB
  • *JIS - weighted
Frequency Response:
  • Line: 20 Hz- 22k Hz
  • Line: 20 Hz- 20k Hz
Power Consumption:
  • 10 Watt typical
  • 17 watt with full headphone output
  • DIMENSIONS (W x H x D): 480mm x 175mm x 95mm
  • WEIGHT: 3.2 kgs, 8.7 lbs
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