Numark M101 2 Channel Pro DJ Battle Mixer

Numark M101 2 Channel Pro DJ Battle Mixer

Numark M2 2 Channel Scratch DJ Battle Mixer

Numark M2 2 Channel Scratch DJ Battle Mixer

Numark M101USB M101 USB 2 Channel DJ Battle Mixer

2 Channel USB DJ Battle Mixer

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Here at Gearooz, we agree that DJs constantly require a tried and true mixer to work with. The M101USB possesses all the necessary qualities splendidly as a profoundly versatile two-channel mixer for practically any DJ. M101USB gives you a chance to get up and running rapidly whether you're utilizing a computer, turntables or CDs. M101USB is comfortable at weddings, gatherings, clubs and everything in between.


Apprentices and experienced DJs who need a tough USB-ready two-channel solution will discover M101USB an immaculate fit. M101USB expands on the two-channel M101 mixer with the expansion of a simple to-utilize USB audio interface for DJs who need the choice of working with their computer and in addition conventional analog I/O.


Heading straight past basic mixing, M101USB has an inherent EQ so you can tweak your mix depending on the room or the tracks themselves. Two sets of switchable Phono/Line inputs are incorporated alongside a crossfader, mic input and stereo RCA line output for association with an amplifier, controlled speakers or an alternate mixer. M101USB might be rack-mounted and features  Numark's unbelievable sturdiness.


Joining M101USB to your PC or MAc is a breeze utilizing a solitary USB link. Once joined you can utilize your computer as a sound source or record your sets straight to your computer's hard drive. If you're a computer DJ on the move and need rock solid, dependable two-channel performance, look no further than the M101USB mixer.



    Two-channel rack-mountable mixer with USB
    USB audio built in for playing from or recording to your computer
    Two pairs of Phono/Line inputs
    Built-in 2-band EQ for quick, easy sound tweaks
    1/4" Mic input for voiceovers and announcements
    Stereo Output for easy connection to amps, powered speakers or another mixer
    Class Compliant: this product is compatible with every current and future version of Mac OS X and iOS and with Windows (98SE and up) operating systems.

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Warranty 1 Year