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Laserworld CS-1000RGB MKII 1000mW Full Colour Pro ILDA Laser Package

Laserworld CS-1000RGB MKII 1000mW Full Colour Pro ILDA Laser Package

ILDA Laser Control Cable Male to Female Lead 10M

ILDA Laser Control Cable Male to Female Lead 10M

Pangolin Quickshow ILDA Laser Control Software Show Controller

USB to ILDA Interface Controller & Program for Lasers

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Gearoz presents Pangolin Quickshow. This is a compete ILDA software package, complete with an ILDA to USB control box and Quickshow Laser Software. Connect this box to any ILDA compatible laser and create your own laser shows, completely from scratch and to any specification.


Software for any level of user:

Whether you are new to lasers, or have years of experience, QuickShow adapts to your level. You can do basic shows right out of the box. All you have to do is click on cues, or press keyboard keys, to display them in time to the music. QuickShow comes with nearly 2000 pre-loaded graphics, animations, beam effects and abstracts.
There is far more power in QuickShow than simply triggering cues. The next level is the unique QuickTools, which are used to make custom cues such as auto traced artwork, beam effects, and abstract shapes. For example, the QuickText tool makes a variety of scrolling and waving text in easily-selectable fonts, colours and effects.
Finally, for the ultimate in customisation, use Advanced Tools for professional-level features such as cue layering and sequencing, automatic beat triggering, timelines for syncing to pre-recorded music, triggering DMX channels, and controlling up to six projectors.


Control your laser lightshow your way:

Mouse - QuickShow can be run using just one hand, if you need your other hand free to adjust lights (or hold a drink!).
Keyboard - Press a key to switch cues on the beat of the music. There are 60 instant cues per screen (3 rows of 10 keys, each shifted or unshifted).
Touch screen - QuickShow is specifically designed with large cues and controls, for fingertip use on touch screen notebooks and monitors.
MIDI controller - Prefer to use a keyboard or other MIDI controller? You can map MIDI keys to cues and controls.
DMX console - Just like MIDI, you can map DMX channels to display cues and change controls.

What you get:

    QuickShow software on CD-ROM
    Nearly 2000 pre-loaded cues
    Instruction manual
    Flashback 3 interface box (110 x 71 x 33 mm)

What you need:

    Computer requirements
        PC notebook or desktop
        Dual-core processor such as Intel Centrino, Duo, Core 2 Duo, or AMD equivalent
        Operating system: Windows XP, Vista or 7
        At least one available USB port
    Laser projector requirements:
        A laser projector with ILDA-standard input connector
        Any speed scanners, from 10K to 60K+
        Any colour, from single-colour to full-colour RGB

Optional control for up to 6 projectors
The QuickShow system comes with one Pangolin Flashback 3 laser controller. This connects between your PC computer's USB port, and your laser projector's ILDA input. To control additional projectors, you can add up to five more Flashback 3 laser controllers.

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