Looking For The Best Finance Quote?

Pay Monthly Finance!

So here’s the situation you’ve found a fantastic new product that you really want but, it’s a little bit out of your price range…Well not with our amazing pay monthly finance options!

All you need to do is add the product or products to your cart, proceed to the checkout, fill in your address, and then when you get to payment information select “apply for finance” which is done through Close Brothers Finance.

As long as the total price is over £300 you can then decide your desired deposit amount between 10-50%, your payment plan, then complete the online credit application and carefully read the agreement and related information! You’ll then receive your decision in 10 seconds, some may take longer. If for any reason they can’t give you an instant decision an email will be sent to you the moment the finance company makes their decision.

Here’s an example of how finance would work: 

This Pioneer DDJRZ would cost you £1759 if you were to pay it off outright. However, if you decide to pay it off through finance and put at 20% deposit down you could be paying £67.54 a month over 2 years. Meaning that only a small amount would be coming out of your account each month! 

Here's another example of our pay monthly finance:

Rather than there just being one product we'll include another to make a bundled price of £4228. You’ve got an Electro-Voice EKX-15P speaker package and a Rickenbacker Semi Hollow Electric Guitar. We’ll apply a 20% deposit again but this time we’ll spread the payments out over 36 months meaning you’d be paying back £115.55 a month over 3 years. 

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