Pangolin Quickshow ILDA Laser Control Software Show Controller

Pangolin Quickshow ILDA Laser Control Software Show Controller

Phoenix 4 Live V2 ILDA To USB Computer Interface Software Controller Set

ILDA Interface Control Box with SD Card & DMX

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Phoenix 4 Live V2 set is a software based controller for Laserworld or any ILDA Lasers which you will be able to do text or logos or create your own laser show. This is perfect for mobile djs, night clubs/pubs and also bands. Phoenix Live is an intuitive-to-operate laser software helping you to easily and quickly write your software for your own laser and DMXdevices without any lengthy practising to get to know the software. Choose from more than 800 pre-programmed effects, complement them with your own programmed effects, logos, lettering and running texts and create a sensational and unique laser show. The programming is done by means of a real-time timeline, which allows you to keep track of things and synchronise the single elements in the most perfect way. Ideal for DJ/LJ use and for all night long operation. No programming necessary! Easily to integrate own logos and patterns!

The Interface:

To ease this interaction, the V2 interface has DMX-in as well as DMX-out and DMX-through connectors already integrated (with optical isolation!). But the main feature is the new 6 color control option: As Laserworld grows more and more with several subsidiaries all around the world, the need of 6 color channel control grows as well, as the high end laser systems distributed by Laserworld  (RTI NANO) often have more than 3 laser sources and thus need extended control features. Phoenix now offers this solution with the new standard box. The latest software update of Phoenix 4 also provides different calibration options to provide full control over color balance and color behavior. An additional player function with integrated micro-SD card can be fully configured through the latest Phoenix software version and provides standalone capabilities. With the use of multiple USB interfaces at one computer the USB-port power supply usually reaches its limits very quickly. To avoid that, the new interfaces can be directly connected to independent power supply, so the USB ports only focus the data transmission. But of course the devices also work in USB-only mode as well. All in all, the new Phoenix USB interfaces provide a better resolution and better accuracy as the previous version due to new chip technology and higher transmission bit rates.

  • Intuitive handling of laser live software
  • Choose from more than 300 pre-programmed effects
  • Store up to 880 complete animations / effects per show
  • Output to up to 8 individual laser projectors
  • 8 time matrix output in real time (allocation of projectors in real time applies for every effect)
  • Chaser function for laser projectors (that is, a running light function) individual effects can also be programmed in no time
  • Many powerful functions from PHOENIX PRO, such as Hiddenlines, Masking, Scanlimits, Sparkling, Strobes, up to 30 layers per effect, colour morphing, morphing of images, etc.
  • Each effect may take as long as 10 minutes
  • Time line programming
  • Allows fixed and variable allocation of lasers for every effect
  • Allows DMX Interface for interactive control of external DMX controllers. For this, all functions and parts come with a unique starting address
  • DMX-out (8 x 512 DMX-Channels)
  • DMX Quick Access buttons for quick programming of chasers, moving heads, strobes, silver screens, etc.
  • FOG button with up to 24 DMX channels ( that is, several fog machines can be programmed to be controlled either simultaneously, or successively)
  • Sound-to-sound laser function with individual adjustment of bpm for every single effect
  • Auto run for laser effects
  • 10 interactive sliders to directly change effects during data output, such as colour gradients, strobe effects, movements along all axes, scan-speed adjustments and many more
  • Transition effects between 2 effects (cross-over effects)
  • Group and preset buttons
  • Time line for creation of scenes for smaller shows
  • SMS-to-laser for free is included and may be used with conventional IPhones
  • Can also be used via PDA (optional function)
  • Up to 8 effect buttons can be pushed and held simultaneously through Multi-Effect-Hold
  • Midi devices, such as Midi keyboards, are preinstalled for use
  • Perfect support of the novel Akai APC-40 Midi device with own surface
  • Individual scan settings for up to 8 laser projectors with 3 projection worlds for each of them, including colour adjustments, scan settings, safety zones, sizes and positions as well as geometric corrections along all axes (including trapped and clipping zones)
  • Intelligent beam table with 50 single beams, with rotating squares and own pictures being definable as beam as well (perfect for disco balls). Thus, the beams can always and quickly be adjusted to your new location no need to pick every single effect again!
  • Multilingual new languages can be added very quickly
  • The graphics of programming surfaces can be adjusted individually
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