Pioneer CDJ-900 Nexus Professional DJ Club CD Media Player

Pioneer CDJ-900 Nexus Professional DJ Club CD Media Player

Pioneer DJM-850-K Professional 4 Channel DJ Club Studio Mixer

Pioneer DJM-850-K Professional 4 Channel DJ Club Studio Mixer

Pioneer RMX1000 Professional Black DJ Effects Remix Workstation

RMX-1000 DJ Effects Engine Processor

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Taking a totally new direction to effectors and samplers, the RMX-1000 is a 3-in-1 system comprising editing software, innovative performance hardware and VST / AU plug-ins.


The RMX-1000 serves up all the possibilities of studio effects and beatboxes, with the added physicality of pro-DJ equipment. Intuitive performance interfaces from Pioneer's flagship mixers and effectors - such as the DJM-2000's Isolator FX, the DJM-900NXS' X-Pad and the EFX-1000's multiple FX chaining - have been evolved and brought together into one unit.


Simplifying these concepts even further, the RMX-1000 uses intuitive DJ controls to manipulate several parameters in macro. While the unit is incredibly simple to operate, you can still create a totally unique sound with Pioneer's remixbox™ editing software. remixbox™ allows you to completely customise the RMX-1000 hardware to your own performance style and load it up with your own banks of samples.


Using the RMX-1000 as a USB controller for the included RMX-1000 VST / AU plug-ins gives DJs the same hands-on feel they get with studio DJ mixes, to breath new life into studio productions and save them from hours of editing.



Controller for VST/AU/RTAS:

As the first Virtual Studio Technology/Audio Units/Real Time Audio Suite controller dedicated to the DJ industry, the RMX-1000 brings the operability of hardware into the recording studio. By plugging the unit into a laptop, the RMX-1000's dedicated controls can be used to manipulate the VST/AU/RTAS' exciting features.


Scene FX:

Build up and break down tracks by combining ten types of effects. Use the top section to build with effects like Noise, Echo and Spiral Up or the bottom section to break down, cutting sounds with Crush Echo, Spiral Down or Reverb Down.


Isolater FX:

Change the main audio input rhythm and timbre using hi-mid and low-frequency bands. 3 effects are loaded into the dials for even more flexibility: Cut/Add, Trans/Roll and Gate/Drive.


X-Pad with exclusive pitch control:

Individual sample buttons on the X-Pad manipulate the unit's drum samples. You can load sample sounds, snap each tap of the sample pads to the nearest beat with the Quantize button or use the exclusive Pitch knob to alter the pitch and add even more character to each repeated beat.


Release FX:

Seamlessly exit complex effect combinations and return to the original track. Back Spin Echo and Vinyl Brake allow you to choose exactly how to return to normal play.


Fully customisable with specifically designed Remixbox Software:

Use the software to modify the unit's features and change its parameters for a truly personalised DJing experience. Hover your mouse over the remixbox's virtual RMX-1000 to edit features, change parameters or adjust effects on the hardware itself.


MIDI controller:

This device is fully MIDI assignable via USB. Send control information to external devices and use the unit as a MIDI controller.



    Width: 334mm
    Height: 57mm
    Depth: 157mm
    Weight: 1.3kg
    Frequency Range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
    Sampling Rate: 48 kHz
    A/D, D/A Resolution: 24 bit
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 102 dB
    Distortion: < 0.005 %
    Headroom: 20 dB


Isolate FX/Rhythm FX:

    3-Band Effect Frequency: Yes
    Add: Yes
    Cut: Yes
    Drive: Yes
    Gate: Yes
    Isolator: Yes
    Roll: Yes
    Trans: Yes


Release FX:

    Back Spin
    Echo: Yes
    Vinyl Brake: Yes
    Scene FX
    BPF Echo: Yes
    Echo: Yes
    Echo+: Yes
    Crush: Yes
    High Pass Filter: Yes
    Low Pass Filter: Yes
    Noise: Yes
    Reverb Down: Yes
    Reverb Up: Yes
    Spiral Down: Yes
    Spiral Up: Yes
    Sub Parameter knob: Yes


X-Pad Instrument:

    Clap: x6
    Hihat: x6
    Kick: x6
    Over Dub: Yes
    Pitch Shift: Yes
    Roll: Yes
    Sampler Bank: 4x4
    Snare: x6



    Inputs: 1 LINE (1/4" Jack),  1 LINE (RCA)
    USB: 1 USB B port

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