The Premium Cruiser

Are you looking for a 5 seater vehicle to tansport your band Dj, or group over the UK & Europe? Here at Gearooz we hire out state of the art self drive vans, splitters, crew buses and mini vans to people needing to travel with storage and comfort in mind. It can transport up to 5 people to every venue or city you are heading too, with a full width middle seat in the back included for that extra space. It is reliable, economic and can be driven on any standard UK driving lisence. There is plenty of room at the back of the vehicle which provides secure storeage for all of your equipment - making it the ideal transport solution for any band or touring act.

Having this vehicle at the affordable price it is, along with all of the features and improvments, there's no reason why you would want to travel to a city in anything else. We are having a lot of interet so we wouldn't want you to miss out on the opportunity to drive our new VIP 5 seater crusier over the UK and beyond.

Vehicle Features:

Cruise control
Active parking assist
Reversing camera
Lane keeping assist
Fully automatic/Steared mounted gearbox
Collision prevention assistTwo screens behind the headrests
Three full width seats in the back with two captain size in the front
A mini fridge to store your refreshments
Mains power
Plenty of storage for your equiptment in the back
Full health and safety kit

Self Drive Rental including VAT & UK Insurance
1-3 days £99 per day (£82.50exVAT)
4-6 days £89 per day (£74.17exVAT)
7 or more days £79 per day (£65.83exVAT)

Need a vehicle with a driver?
We can provide the full touring package. We have a large
database of drivers. Simply hire a vehicle through us and
we will connect you with someone. You deal directly
with them and the hire the vehicle through us. You should
budget between £80-£120 a day for a driver.