Remo 10

Remo 10" Ambassador Coated Tom Snare Drum Head Replacement Skin Drumhead

Remo BA-0116-00 16

Remo BA-0116-00 16" Ambassador Coated Floortom Drum Head Replacement Skin

Remo 12" Ambassador Coated Tom Snare Drum Head Replacement Skin

BA-0112-00 Replacement Drum Skin

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Gearooz presents the 12" ambassador coated tom snare skin drumhead included in Remo's range of drumheads. Remo are an innovative, popular and reliable company that support the modern drummer in making the most out of their kit.

Perfect for any style of playing, this drumhead is industry standard quality and combines impressive strength with durability making it an approved drumhead for many. Excellent value and versatile this drumhead highly versatile and ideal for studio recording of playing live.

The Coated Ambassador heads are medium-weight heads made with a coated single-ply 10-mil Mylar film to produce a warm open, bright, and resonant sound with a warm attack. Coated Ambassador heads are the standard of the industry for both live and recording situations.

Most popular drumhead ever!
The most widely used drum heads in the world. The ones all others are judged by. Medium thickness. These are the reigning champs for studio recording.

    Single-ply 10-mil Mylar film
    Open, bright, and resonant sound with a warm attack
    The industry standard drumhead!

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