Need to protect your decks? Then look no further as Gearooz are proud to stock a wide range of Decksaver. Decksaver manufacture essential covers for the protection of mixers, CDJs, controllers and turntables. They are engineered from premium quality polycarbonate (a component used in bullet-proof glass) to create thin and durable covers.

Recommended and used by professionals, deck savers are designed to provide your DJ and audio equipment with the very best cover and protect them from liquid spillages, damage, dust, and impact – all of which is essential to a DJ. They sit securely over your deck with no fixing or adhesive required and the cover can be easily mounted and removed in seconds.

Whether you store your equipment in a studio, club or you are a mobile DJ; these protective cases don’t alter the look of your gear but don’t compromise on safeguarding; shielding faders, knobs, and controls resulting in a suitable transportation solution and lengthening the lifespan of your DJ gear.

Decksaver Protective Covers