Is this the Best DJ Booth in the World? The LiteConsole range has answered the prayers of many mobile DJs. It is ultra-light, portable and the XPRS folds to just 16cm in width. It’s time to discover the future of DJ booths with Gear4DJs.

The LiteConsole is a grand spectacle of great British tradition design and engineering excellence. This is a DJ booth like no other. The XPRS booth folds to a width of 16cm and is easily manoeuvrable with one arm thanks to its aluminium construction. However, the console can still comfortably hold an entire night's worth of DJ equipment without even the slightest hint of flex or bend. This is due to industrial-strength hinges based on a design already utilised in marine engineering. The shelves and kick plate are made from incredibly strong injection moulded plastic, with the shelves braced further with aluminium bars. The LiteConsole XPRS is uncompromising in every way. Make an amazing first impression and always hit the ground running when you start the show. With setup times easily under two minutes, you will not be lumbered with setting up your DJ booth when preparing for your show. No hassle, no hold ups and no problems. The LiteConsole XPRS even includes a three piece cover set that allow you to load the DJ booth in and out of venues whilst maintaining a professional look (and to protect the DJ booth, of course).