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Stanton SCS.4DJ Integrated Software Hardware DJ Controller

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Quick Overview:

SCS4DJ Fully Integrated Digital Computer Deck


Gearooz presnts this complete digital DJ System with built in SC-IX software. This means no external computer or controller is required. This gives the user the ultimate experience in an easy to set-up, faster to learn DJ controller. Designed for Portability Low profile, lightweight design with integrated drive bay for USB storage devices.


Dual Decks and Intergrated Mixer

High resolution 4.75” touch sensitive and naturally weighted zinc platters for the true turntable feel. Each deck has full transport control, and can be used in traditional scratch mode, touch start mode, tempo bend mode or to fast forward and rewind with accuracy. Each deck also has a 60mm high resolution pitch slider for super accurate control of tempo when mixing. A unique DSP key lock function keeps the pitch of the song steady regardless of any tempo changes. The mixer stage contains a full three band equalizer per channel with individual cue controls, channel activity LED’s and a long life digital cross fader. Multiple Hot cues, cross fader curves, channel gain, microphone gain and headphone gain can all be customized to match your requirements. Unique features like “time-rift” and “continuous sync” allow for exciting performance possibilities.


Eight Syncronised Effects per Deck

Eight DJ specific effects can be controlled using a dedicated engage switch to let you know it is active and two high resolution rotary controls which can adjust multiple parameters giving you the ability to create thousands of effects variants in real-time. The SC-IX operating system keeps all of the effects synchronized to your mix to ensure you get the best results every time effects are used in the mix.



If you have a large music library (up to 50,000 tracks) you can use the free QuickGrid software to perform the track analysis on any single or multi-processor Apple Mac / Windows PC. Quick Grid will analyze your music library and prepare any USB device for use with the unit. Quickgrid can be downloaded FREE from the www.stantondj.com website.


Recording Capability

Press the Record button and SCS 4DJ will record your performance to any USB storage device. Your recording along with the playlist can be shared between friends, posted to a cloud sharing site or used to produce a remix or a live set.


SC-IX Operating System

The SCS.4DJ is powered by SC-IX V5.0, the most advanced embedded operating system on the market. SC-IX provides signal processing, playlist management, onboard analysis, deck, hotcue and looping functionality, and. SC-IX also delivers visual feedback directly to the integrated display so that your focus remains on the surface. SCS.4DJ will analyze your music and calculate a “beat-grid”, this is at the heart of synchronizing tracks during a mix, or keeping loops/effects in time. Your music is shown as frequency dependent color waveforms to keep you connected to your mix. SC-IX has a large amount of customization from the System menu allowing features to be adjusted to match your style of DJing. Built on a Linux base, SC-IX is rock solid and made for reliable operation.


Supported Devices and Formats

USB based mass storage device including flash drives, hard drives, smartphones can be used with the SCS.4DJ. Supported drive formats include FAT32, NTFS and HFS+ (non journaled), while supported audio formats include WAV, MP3, AAC and FLAC. There is also a host port which will allow SCS.4DJ to be used as a MIDI controller for any MIDI compliant software application. One of the four USB ports can even be used to connect a standard USB keyboard for even faster search / browsing functions & other basic controls.



    Comprehensive Browse, Search and Sort capabilities presented in a simple and intuitive user interface.
    Multiple customizable user-options such as Audio, Platter, Crossfader & Display Settings.
    Microphone input with high-headroom and low noise performance.
    Multiple USB Connections (1x Top, 1x Rear, 2x Base plus host connection for MIDI Controller mode)
    Transport controls featuring PLAY/PAUSE, CUE, SYNC and TAP tempo.
    8x "Soft" Display buttons allowing direct access to features, functionality and navigation.
    4x "Direct Access" illuminated buttons allowing instant access to important screens.
    Full Navigation system including endless encoder and ENTER/BACK switches.
    Smart Synch capability for one touch beat-matched synchronization, even at half the correct tempo.
    Auto-DJ mode will mix your playlists automatically using the calculated beat grids.
    1/4" Balanced TRS and Unbalanced RCA outputs, dual headphone outputs (1/4" & 1/8" phono jack)
    Fully capable MIDI controller functionality


Deck Controls:

    3 band EQ per channel, at DJ friendly crossover points with complete kills, and 6dB boost.
    Auto Loop – intelligently creates a beat synchronized loop from the current song position.
    Loop Length – multiply and divide the length of the loop.
    Reloop – automatically jump back to the last loop you used.
    8 Beat synchronized Effects per channel, with two parameter knobs for custom real time control.
    Dual 4,560 point high-resolution 4.75" touch-sensitive naturally weighted zinc platters, with scratch, touch and fast forward/rewind functionality.
    Individual 45mm volume faders for each channel with DJ friendly fader caps.
    60mm Pitch control with bend and key lock functionality (with Auto DJ status indication)
    High-quality digitally-controlled 45mm cross fader with incredible durability and multiple fader curves to fit your style.
    Software gain control (automatic or manual)
    Headphone Cue/Listen per channel (indicated by the headphone icon)
    Tri-Color input Level LED's showing deck volume.
    Large Play/Pause and Cue transport buttons.
    Large TAP tempo button to correct BPM.
    Large Sync button located with the transport controls for instant beat matching of one deck to the other.


Master Section:

    4.3" high resolution widescreen color LCD with adjustable brightness.
    8x "Soft" buttons allowing direct access to features, functionality and navigation.
    4x "Direct Access" illuminated buttons, HOME/WAVEFORM, BROWSE, PLAYLISTS and SYSTEM.
    Navigation wheel with BACK and ENTER buttons for fast navigation of all screen based activity.
    7-LED stereo master output meters, deck tri-color LED level indication.
    Record button – Record your mix directly to a mass storage device.


Front Panel:

    Microphone Volume Control (with volume indicator)
    Master Volume Control
    Cue/Mix control, allowing to set the balance of Cue/Mix in the headphones
    Headphone volume control


Computer Functionality:

    Use the controls on SCS.4DJ to control DJ software (MIDI controller mode)
    Connect standard USB keyboard for even faster navigation, search & basic controls.
    SCS.4DJ supports M3u playlists created by standard music librarian applications/devices.
    Recommended drive formats are: NTFS, Fat 32, HFS+(OSX) Non-Journaled.
    Supports most unprotected file formats including WAV, MP3 and AAC files.

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