NJS NJS081Y Yellow Folding Sheet Music Stand

NJS NJS081Y Yellow Folding Sheet Music Stand

Snark Sigmund Freud Celluloids Guitar Picks 1.0mm Heavy 12 Pack

Snark Sigmund Freud Celluloids Guitar Picks 1.0mm Heavy 12 Pack

Thunderplugs Pro Pack Ear Protector Musician Earplugs with Carry Case

Ear Protection Plugs

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PRO Thunder Plugs offer even more filtering and sound quality than the original Thunder Plugs, with up to 25dB noise reduction.
The Pro Pack comes with everything you need to keep your Thunder Plugs at the ready when the noise gets too loud but you want to listen to the music – safely!
• 1 x Thunder Plugs Pro
• Aluminium Keyring Storage Capsule
• Extra Filters
• Neck Cord
• Lanyard

The patented Thunder Plugs design filters sound, ensuring you still hear the music properly while protecting your hearing against high decibel levels. Designed to comfortably and discreetly fit into your ear (whatever your size) Thunder Plugs have a handy pull tab to allow you to easily remove or insert them. HEAR THE MUSIC – PROTECT YOUR EARS!

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Bring a drummer, I know the strain us musicians put our ears through and it's certainly better to protect your hearing sooner rather than later, if you want to continue playing your instrument of choice! With the 25 dB noise reduction the Thunderplugs have to offer, they can cope with any genre of music over any period of time. Even if you're going to see your favorite DJ or band and you know it's going to be a loud evening, you can use these to help with the ringing after and the aluminum keyring storage capsule makes it easy to store them anywhere.