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Looking for high-quality DJ kits and musical instruments? You’ll find it all here at Gearooz. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, we have all of the essential DJ gear you’ll need. In our dedicated DJ equipment range, you’ll find everything from controllers to mixers and headphones from the industry’s biggest and best brands. Don’t forget to check out our range of DJ stands and cases too, which are designed to keep your kit safe when transporting it from A to B and during a set itself. As well as our incredible lighting range, we also offer a selection of music equipment. With all the essential instruments and studio gear, you’ll find everything you need to make music. With free UK delivery and easy pay monthly options, buy DJ gear and more online with Gearooz today!

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  • How to Become a Music Promoter
    How to Become a Music Promoter

    Ever thought about being a music promoter but not exactly sure what it involves? To put it shortly a promoter is someone who will promote and publicize events. They also organize gigs and book bands and musicians. A promoter will work closely with the band manager to plan dates, time and locations for shows. Their main role is to promote events through radio, TV, online and print media whilst making sure everything runs smoothly for the band or musician which includes booking hotel rooms and special requests.

    If you’re wondering what the pay is like for a promoter it’s very much like the role roles within the industry, unpredictable. The pay varies and depends on deals made and how popular the artist is that you’re promoting. Your best bet is to start promoting as a side project at least in the beginning; you won’t be making much, your money will essentially come from the proceeds from the show and if that’s a new band you will probably end up losing money rather than making

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  • How to be a Designer within the Music Industry
    How to be a Designer within the Music Industry

    A great option if you’re looking to pursue a career in music is to be designer, more specifically designing artwork for music. It’s probably a lesser known path however a great one nonetheless, art is a huge part of music whether it’s for an album cover, shirts, posters or other merchandise.  Unfortunately many of the artists who create these products are not give credit or enough exposure which is a huge disadvantage of the role along with copyright. To learn more about being a designer within the music industry and what it entails keep reading.

    Although we are now in a digital age of music and everything is being released online the great thing about graphic designers is that they are always needed, whether for a physical copy or a digital on artwork will never stop being a vital part of music. It not only represents the music but also the generation in which it was made. And with vinyl coming back around we are sure to see some incredible artwork.

    Similar to the M

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  • Recording and Releasing Music: Cutting the Costs
    Recording and Releasing Music: Cutting the Costs

    Before even thinking about sending off your music to a label or self releasing it you need to have it ready to go. Recording your music along with everything that come after is a costly process but just how much you will have to spend and what you will have to spend it on can be confusing. So before taking the plunge have an idea of your budget and how much you can afford, if you’re unsure whether your budget is enough here are a few tips to help you keep the costs down.

    Recording costs depends on your situation, if you’re going to self release your music then the costs for recording will be down to you. Costs of recording is down to the time spend in the studio, to keep these to a minimum make sure you are prepared and ready to go with no distractions, you need to use all the time you have towards your music. If you end up messing around in a studio for days on end the bill with go sky high. If you’re a part of a label then the cost of recording will largely fall on them or

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  • What it Takes to Become a Music Manager
    What it Takes to Become a Music Manager

    Ever wondered what to it takes to become a music manager? For our third installment in our music careers series we will be giving you a few tips to help you reach that dream career. One of the most popular positions within the industry is a music manager, someone who essentially manages a band or artist. It’s a demanding job which more often than not requires you to take on more than one role. Some managers will seek out talent if they feel like they have potential and with some help can become a great success whilst other managers are assigned a band or artist by a label; this depends on the route you’d like to take.

    As always a big part of this career path is confidence and being about to network, if you’re worried that you do not have these skills or need to work on them then head over to our how to network blog post. To become a manager especially if you’re looking for a band or artist to work with you will have to do a lot of talking and presenting your

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