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Looking for high-quality DJ kits and musical instruments? You’ll find it all here at Gearooz. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, we have all of the essential DJ gear you’ll need. In our dedicated DJ equipment range, you’ll find everything from controllers to mixers and headphones from the industry’s biggest and best brands. Don’t forget to check out our range of DJ stands and cases too, which are designed to keep your kit safe when transporting it from A to B and during a set itself. As well as our incredible lighting range, we also offer a selection of music equipment. With all the essential instruments and studio gear, you’ll find everything you need to make music. With free UK delivery and easy pay monthly options, buy DJ gear and more online with Gearooz today!

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  • Get Hands on Experience with our HH Electronics Range!
    Get Hands on Experience with our HH Electronics Range!

    Being one of Europe’s leading manufacturer’s means HH Electronics has been recognized for their innovative designs and high quality products. With an advanced team of professionals HH Electronics creates some of the best speakers available through their own research and specialized production.  

    The 2018 range offers excellence in performance and quality with outstanding value and we are extremely excited to be able to offer a wide range of their products to our customers. Not only that but we offer a hands on experience with their speakers in our showroom. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the HH electronics items or simply testing out the sound and quality of the products make sure you come down to our showroom where our gurus can guide you through the process.

    We have a variety of different systems to try from our Tessen-X series to the Vector range, all at affordable prices. There is nothing quite like hearing them for yourself, we fully test these produc

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  • Tips for Making your Gear Last Longer
    Tips for Making your Gear Last Longer

    So you’ve saved up and you can finally afford to invest in your first piece of equipment or that brand new guitar on the market, but how do you ensure its quality will last. Taking care of your gear is the most important part of keeping your investment in the best condition and making it last long term.

    Before going over how to take care of your gear I wanted to talk about the importance of quality. If you’re serious about making music then do not cheap out on equipment, you’ll end up spending a lot more on repairs and replacements. Save that bit more to buy a quality piece, it will last you a lot longer and save you money in the long run. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your first guitar but spending a little more will not only get you through your beginner stage but the added features mean there is space to grow into it before upgrading.

    When it comes to looking after your equipment there’s a few do’s and don’ts that will make sure your gear lasts. First off i

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  • Evolution of Music Devices and Music Consumption Pt2
    Evolution of Music Devices and Music Consumption Pt2

    The Walkman, created by Sony the first personal portable cassette player arrived in 1979. The invention of the Walkman only cemented the theory that music devices were becoming more portable and accessible as they continued to evolve. Although the cassette player or the ‘boombox’ introduced a more portable way of listening to music it was really the walkman that changed the way we were consuming our music. Not only could consumers take their walkman everywhere they went but with two headphone jacks it allowed people to listen with a friend. As sales of the Walkman continued to rocket with cassettes outselling the vinyl in 1983, other models were soon put on the market such as the Discman and the Mp3 player.

    The first CD came in the 1980’s, the most popular being ABBA’s The Visitors. Along with the CD the first CD player became available which was released in 1982. CD’s were huge and over 200 billion were sold worldwide which saw the decline of the cassette tape and cassette

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  • Gearooz Black Friday 2018 - Save the Date!
    Gearooz Black Friday 2018 - Save the Date!

    With only 9 days till Black Friday 2018 we’re getting ready to deliver the best discounts to ever hit our shelves. Find a huge range of products available for musicians, artist, DJ’s and bands, we have fantastic offers on sound systems, instruments, DJ controllers, stage lighting and even effect machines!

    To be one of the first to receive our amazing offers make sure you sign up to our Gearooz newsletter not only for Black Friday deals but for exclusive content and upcoming events. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with any news on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

    At Gearooz we work to continue to better our services and offer premium products at the best prices and Black Friday is no different. With the hope to make this year better than ever we are sure you will find the perfect product(s) for you or for a loved one and with Christmas around the

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