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Looking for high-quality DJ kits and musical instruments? You’ll find it all here at Gearooz. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, we have all of the essential DJ gear you’ll need. In our dedicated DJ equipment range, you’ll find everything from controllers to mixers and headphones from the industry’s biggest and best brands. Don’t forget to check out our range of DJ stands and cases too, which are designed to keep your kit safe when transporting it from A to B and during a set itself. As well as our incredible lighting range, we also offer a selection of music equipment. With all the essential instruments and studio gear, you’ll find everything you need to make music. With free UK delivery and easy pay monthly options, buy DJ gear and more online with Gearooz today!

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  • Tips for Being the Best Intern
    Tips for Being the Best Intern

    Internships or any kind of work experience is a great way to get your foot in the door, especially within the music industry. The aim is to build lasting relationships that can help you progress in your career but there are things you should be doing during your internship that will leave a lasting impression on your employers that may just land you a permanent job.

    Although understandably you probably won’t have much experience in the industry at this point many employers will expect you to be able to carry out certain tasks without having to be monitored the whole time, this may seem unfair and a lot of responsibility on your shoulders but most of it is just common sense. Make sure you’re always switched on and focusing on any task put in front of you, something as simple as messing up files can give off a bad impression. If you have any questions asking someone in charge but once you’ve been told make sure you aren’t constantly asking for help, you need to show tha

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  • How to Make a Good First Impression
    How to Make a Good First Impression

    We are always told to make a good impression whether you’re working in the music industry or not that first impression is vital especially when you’re looking for more work. Having a good reputation can be the difference in getting that job or not, it can be the different in securing that contact. For the most part it’s simply about being yourself, as long as you’re kind, genuine and respectful you can do little wrong. Here are a few tips to help you go that bit further to making a good first impression on those who matter.

    An obvious one, but one you’d be surprised to find many people struggle to do is to be on time. To be honest you should always be a little early but if not that then at the very least be on time. This is the first thing a promoter or a manager will notice when it comes to first impressions so make sure you take it seriously, being late gives them the impression you can’t manage your time. If you are on time and they are late be understanding, I know it do

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  • New to ADJ, the Hydro Beam Moving Heads!
    New to ADJ, the Hydro Beam Moving Heads!

    New to ADJ the Hydro Beam Moving Heads, professional moving head fixtures designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Both fixtures are durable and reliable; their casting protects them from dust, sand, moisture and liquids. Ideal for all occasions and environments, whether you’re looking to light up a beach party or create incredible visual effects in the rain.

    These amazing fixtures offer an extended operational life and reduced maintenance requirement due to their sealed casing design. These are perfect for festivals and outdoor events, as well as installation in open air clubs and other spaces. Enjoy these high powered moving heads, with a compact size and quick movement you can take your lighting to the next level.

    The Hydro Beam FX2 includes a range of features such as linear motorized focus, 8-facet circular prism with overlay, glass and metal GOBOs that rotate and are replaceable, 3

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  • What to Include in a Professional Artist/Band Website
    What to Include in a Professional Artist/Band Website

    We spoken a lot about social media and how important it is to be a part of it as a musician, but we’ve not gone into much detail about websites and having a place online that holds every part of yourself as an artist. Having social media sites is great for audience engagement and getting information out there quickly but it’s so important to have a centre for all things music, somewhere to post music, photos, and video, write blog posts and even sell merchandise.

    Having a website of your own, completely created by you is the perfect way to have total control over what is seen, unlike socials which control content with algorithms and restrictions. The best part is you do not have to be a professional to build a website; there are many different tools online to help you. Here are a few tips when it comes to building your site.

    First things first, your domain. This is how people will find your website, so it’s important to use something simple. If you g

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